quilt peeking……

I think there's a rule in blog land that says you are supposed to wait until you're finished with a project before you share it. If that's the case, you might not see much of what I work on around here. I'm a slow and steady crafter. If this were the tortoise and hare craft race, I'd be the tortoise. Or perhaps whatever is trailing behind him…..

That being said. I wanted to show you what I've been working on in bits and pieces. Here and there. A few stitches at a time…….


quilt peeking......

quilt peeking......


It's getting closer. Little by little.

See that smaller row near the middle? That is what I call the happy oops. It happens when you accidentally cut the pieces too short then scramble to make up the difference. And if one is already creatively celebrating an oops, a grey polka dot stripe in the center is most certainly in order. A quilt that was supposed to have five rows, now has six. And while I admittedly shrieked when I realized my mistake, I'm happy I came up with this solution. My big girl is happy I finally got the top stitched together. And I have one more surprise up my sleeve for you. It's my carrot on a stick to keep you wondering….. I wanted to make this quilt a bit longer, so I added some feathers. A row along the top. Eeek! They are beautiful. I can't wait to show you.

My girl wanted simple quilting. Perhaps because she really wants her quilt. Hey, she knows her mama. The good news is I am almost halfway done with the quilting! I cheated and ordered some handmade binding from this shop. Actually, let's not call it cheating. Let's call it being time thrifty and supporting a small business. That sounds so much better. 

So there it is. My work in progress. (for almost a year now, yes.)

What are you working on these days? 

Let's have a show & tell….. leave a link for others to visit….

Off to bed now, yawn. It's been a long day….




20 thoughts on “quilt peeking……

  1. I love the rug KC! I really want to make one someday too. I've thought about asking the local salvation army to save me tshirts they are throwing out so I could make yarn from it to knit a rug or braid it up and make a rag rug like this. If you used tshirts you could totally dye them too! Fun stuff for sure…..


  2. This quilt is gorgeous! The fabrics you used make it so interesting to look at, especially those big circle flowers (or whatever they’re called – sorry!) I know I’ve seen that fabric but can’t remember the designer. Can’t wait to see the finish. I checked out the site you purchased your binding from trying to guess which one you chose – we’ll see!


  3. Looks great!! I think the “oopsy” part is what makes it perfect. You can tell it was made with love and not for mass production and bought at a store. Keep up the great work 🙂


  4. The fabric is mostly Good Folks by Anna Maria Horner…. with a little bit of Heather Ross Mendocino mermaids tossed in there. Can you believe most of it is from the same line? It’s so crazy + colorful. I bought it forever ago and it took me years to find the right project for it. You’ll have to wait and see on the binding 🙂 Hopefully sooner than later…..


  5. I have some very uneven lumpy bumpy ones that were my first projects. Crib sized in batik prints for the kids to carry around. I made them almost ten (eek!) years ago. They have a zillion mistakes…. but the kids never cared. I’ll have to dig them out and share them sometime…. I’m sure a simple square quilt isn’t much harder than sewing a few napkins together 🙂


  6. Mostly Good Folks by Anna Maria Horner…. with a little bit of Heather Ross Mendocino mermaids for fun. Treasured bits from my stash 🙂 The feathers are so awesome…. I think I need feather pillows for my sunroom next. Trying to stay focused on this project before I start another…… so hard to do though!


  7. Oh, is that a rule? I break it all the time! And then, I never seem to remember to share the finished product…
    I love your quilt, and your happy oops is fantastic. If you hadn’t mentioned it wasn’t intentional I never would have known. xo


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