weekending bits and links…….

weekending bits and links.......

weekending bits and links.......

weekending bits and links.......


Ahhhhhhh………… weekending.

We ran around a bit yesterday, but today is pretty sweet.

I'm finally one tiny project away from getting caught up in the large pile of custom orders I had for the shop. Mostly thanks to sweet Ginny for sharing the pencil case we designed together for her daughter's 8th birthday. I can't tell you how busy and grateful I am to have the shop steadily humming along like it is. The shop provides the extras for us…. it made it possible for us to afford two beehives instead of one. It's a sweet deal for sure. Speaking of sweet deals….. you can use the coupon code HELLOSPRING to get 15% off your order of $40 or more in the shop through the end of the month. Keep your eye out for mini rainbow silk sets by the end of next week. Perfect little Easter basket treats! (order must subtotal $40 before shipping for the coupon to work.)

I spent a little bit of time quilting Jade's quilt this morning. Oh my. It's finally coming together. Add world's slowest quilter to world's slowest knitter. Ahem. Oh well….. all in good time I suppose.

That's really it for now. The kids are running in and out, Joe is smoking something on the BBQ, and the sewing machine is calling my name…. better finish up this last bit of weekending before the new week rolls in.

A few links for your Sunday::

Healthy Bees Healthy Hives :: Pledge to have a chemical free yard.

Running Stitch Napkins by Purl Bee

Fire Cider Trademark :: A heated topic in the herbal community.

Honeycomb Coasters

Pinning :: *  This Dress  *  This Salad  *  This Souffle  *

Lastly, if you are anywhere near Seven Stars Bakery in Rhode Island…… you should treat yourself to a chocolate almond croissant. Life changing deliciousness. Truly.



13 thoughts on “weekending bits and links…….

  1. Hi Stephinie,
    Love those coasters. Love your tidbits.
    I was wondering if I could ask your advice. The boys and I are going to do some silk dyeing. Do you have any favorite basic colors you prefer? It would be nice to mix our secondary colors if that is easy to accomplish with the dyes??
    Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated!


  2. Thanks for those wonderful links! I’ll second your recommendation for chocolate croissants at Seven Stars – also the Ginger scones – yum! (Would have loved to see a pic of Jade’s quilt you’re working on…


  3. You have inspired me to bring my sewing machine out of time out and give it another go. I made napkins a few years ago [they took me all day] and now that they are looking a little tattered I am going to give it another go. Thanks Stephanie.


  4. Hi Katy. I use acid dyes by dharma trading. They mark the primary colors in your list & you can mix them! Just be sure to use very hot water when you do it. All their primary colors are ones I use a lot. Experiment, have fun. That's how I figured things out 🙂 I love their silver, amethyst & chartreuse! Oh yes, and wear gloves! Or you'll have rainbow hands for a few days 🙂


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