snowflakes and weekend links……

snowflakes & weekend links......

snowflakes & weekend links......

snowflakes & weekend links......


I took these pictures earlier in the week. We had just visited the museum and had the opportunity to see actual slides from Snowflake Bentley. (one of our favorite books!) Sophie was feeding the birds and ran inside to show me the flakes…… she was so excited! I have never seen them like this before. It was a very dry+cold snowfall for sure. Aren't they beautiful?

In other news, this was a week I was glad to see the end of. Joe is home tonight from his two week class. I scrubbed and cleaned the house this morning & there will be pizza for dinner. I am *so* looking forward to an easy evening. Our friend is flying in from Louisiana this afternoon and we can't wait to spend the weekend with her. The main event planned is the first seasonal trip to our favorite ice cream shop. It might be snowy, but we don't care.

That's all I got for now. I'm beat…. and I need to make a grocery store run or we'll be eating only oatmeal and eggs for the weekend. Which doesn't actually sound all that bad……

Before I leave, some link love for you…..


Foraging & Feasting

Little Feather

Pinning : summer dreams and clementine glazed salmon

Gearing up for a hefty order from this bee supplier. (exciting stuff!)

And just for fun, a year ago this week : hanging with our peeps……

Wishing you all a very lovely bit of weekending…..




16 thoughts on “snowflakes and weekend links……

  1. Snow?!!! Gosh I’m envious.
    There is pizza on the menu here too which means a relaxing evening for this mama, oh yes.
    Have a grand weekend with your family and friend.


  2. Those snow flakes are a big WOW. I didn’t know that there are actually real snow flakes like that. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful weekend.


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