real food : real budget + weekend links

real food : real budget + weekend links 

A few weeks ago Tricia of Farmish Momma invited me to guest post in her Real Food Real Budget series. She's had a really nice turnout of bloggers sharing recipes, tips, and budget ideas over the last few weeks. You can pop over there and read my post if you like.

I just tweaked the sizing on the blog last night to make the pictures a squeak bigger. Did you notice? Did it do anything weird on your end? I'm always worried when I mess with the coding… I really know just about enough to be dangerous. And there are other computer things, like SEO. I can sew a french seam, but I have no idea what SEO is. It makes my brain hurt. I keep getting these emails from random "companies" offering to improve my site and SEO. (uhm, what?) I think this little space we hang out in is pretty sweet as is. Just saying.

Joe has been gone all week & he's home for the weekend this evening. I am looking forward to some wine by the fire with my favorite guy. I usually get a ton of sewing done while he's out, but man. This week has been crazy. I did clean the closet and get all the laundry put away. I think I should have sewn instead. Anyhow, I have a few link love bits for you before I head off to tidy the house & get some errands done…….

Summer Grove in Night (one can never have too much fabric, right?)

This Quilt (wow!)

Sweet little bird embroidery patterns. (free!)

This Scarf/Cowl by Quince & Co.

I was dreaming on pinterest about our someday-forever-house and thinking little guest cottages and painted stairs would be so perfect…….

Let's eat :: morning sweet potatoes, socca, and green curry porridge

On Etsy :: sweet cards, this yarn bowl, and soap stacks.

A year ago today :: Camellias. Oh how I miss Louisiana right now……..

Happy weekending to you all~~



p.s. if you're visiting from Farmish Momma….. welcome! I hope you stick around and hang out with us~~~


18 thoughts on “real food : real budget + weekend links

  1. It is a sweet place to hang out and I always enjoy my visits.
    I love that you have a link for socca, something I have been trying to make, I’ve just had a little trouble finding chickpea flour in my town. I finally came up with a great idea, to make my own!
    Have a great weekend with your favorite guy!


  2. Awww…. thank you Tracey πŸ™‚ I have not tried the socca for the very same reason. I need to find some chickpea flour. It looks so delicious! Seems like the perfect thing to top with spring eggs & greens as an easy dinner. Happy weekend to you!


  3. dangerous girl! totally made me laugh. then your old post made me cry!!!! I cut a bunch of camellias off my neighbors bush today. decorating the table for anis birthday. really. just a few hours ago. just like you said, even the old ones are beautiful!
    and I used one of your postcards today. a thank you to send to Stacey at the nature station. i do proclaim a perfect card to send to a naturalist!
    missing you all. made my first ever ganache last night. I had no clue it would be so easy! now that is dangerous!!!!
    l – o – v – e ……


  4. I bounced over from Farmish Momma. I enjoyed your post; and all the others I kept reading. (and I discovered we are neighbors! I promise not to be a stalker.)
    I am looking forward to continue to read about food and herbs – I am trying to learn more about herbs and what to do with them.
    many blessings


  5. hehehe…… I’m serious. once I changed something and it made the blog all wonky. fortunately i got it all back to normal. this is why i do it at night when i hope less people are surprised by strange things happening. do you remember that day with the camellias? ani kept collecting them and bringing them to me. i kept trying to take a picture of her with the afternoon light coming down as she walked through the trail. so sweet……
    we miss you guys too. so much. happy birthday to ani!! can she really be six? that just doesn’t seem right…..
    ganache=dangerous(for SURE) it’s good on *everything* seriously.


  6. Thanks for the great links! About the Socca…you may also be interested in these pan breads by Ashley McLaughlin. They have become an absolute staple in our house…switching up the flours and the ways we use them. Enjoy!
    Oh, yeah! I added the cowl to my Ravelry queue. So great!


  7. Those beets look so yummy. Love them pickled.
    SEO “`Search Engine Optimization“““` How come life is sooo complicated anymore?


  8. You had to look it up, right? Ugh. I have no intention of learning it any time soon. Apparently, if you know it (or pay someone to do it) it can make people searching the web find your site easier. I think my time is better spent doing a lot of other things. The funny thing is that I get solicited several times a month from companies offering to "optimize my site". I politely decline…….
    Hoping to pickle some beets this year!


  9. Weeks without the partners are hard! Congrats on getting through and I’m with you on SEO, I keep reading and reading and hoping to makes sense and so far nothing guess I’ll go back to reading about the raspberries I just planted, now that makes sense πŸ˜‰


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