quilt stacks + weekend link love…….

quilt stacks & weekend link love.....

quilt stacks & weekend link love.....

It all started with that raccoon. I was in *love* with him. We just finished reading this, and so I just had to bring a little of that blue raccoon home with me. I picked out a few coordinating pieces throughout the shop. Once home I found a few more more from my stash. And now this colorful stack is waiting to become a quilt top. I've been swooning over grey + color lately (like this!!). You can see a few beauties on my quilt board. I love the simplicity of this pattern…….. (with deep grey sashing, of course). 

Do you have piles of fabric waiting for the right time to sew them up? Or perhaps next in line to sew? I love doing that…..

It's been awhile since I shared a list of link love with you. So here you go::


This quilt. I love it. LOVE with all capital letters sort of love.


Some words for your heart:: Thoughts on Crafting a Life  and It really does go by quickly. (sniff!)


I think the kids might be getting worms for Easter. Or at least maybe the mama will…..


Some etsy love :: printed feedsack towels, this print (really I love everything she does!), these planters, these peaches, and if I had a million dollars


Just for fun, a year ago this week……. roadtrippin'. I can't believe it's been a year already. Wow. Oopsie. It actually hasn't been a year. So uhm…. check out this post instead. Yarn & some (more!) chocolate peanut butter goodness.


Happy weekending to you all~~~




12 thoughts on “quilt stacks + weekend link love…….

  1. I too love your Link Love posts! And, of course, so very thrilled to be listed! I will have to read It Really Does Go By Quickly when I have a moment to let the tears flow! Happy Weekend to you!


  2. ❤ You know I love it. Accept the green glass vase, that was a little weird, but hey – to each their own. LOL just kidding. BTW, you don't need a million, only $283!!


  3. lol. okay…. not a million. you're right. but seriously. it's hand blown. beautiful + incredible. reminds me of the beautiful glass balls/floats in alaska. i swoon over these. i've seen them at target…. but obviously not the same magic as this one here 🙂


  4. Oh Raccoons! i’m making a quilt with the purple version of that fabric. For my little girls who is in love with purple and in need of a new quilt for her big girl bed. 🙂


  5. I *love* the purple too. Such a fun line of fabric. I'm excited to get sewing with this as soon as I finish up my big girl's quilt. I'm pretty sure I am the world's slowest quilter!


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