39 only happens once, right? So I made him a chocolate peanut butter cheesecake. It involves far more chocolate ganache than a sane person should ever make for one dessert. I think it's about nine zillion calories a sliver. Seriously decadent indulgence. Totally his favorite combination of flavors.

He loved it.

(also, if you make this & it cracks. don't worry. the chocolate ganache fills in the crevasse, making the unsightly top beautiful again. it also becomes the tastiest cooking mishap. ever. also your dead-head husband will think it looks like a lightening bolt, and you can pretend you did it on purpose.)

But back to 39. I mean, wow, right? I remember stealing glances across a room of strangers some 17 years ago. We had met a week earlier. Him & me. He was turning 22. TWENTY-TWO. And I remember thinking he was so much older than me. By the end of the night we were hip to hip. Side by side. Laughing. It's pretty much been that way ever since. 

Happy birthday to my sweet man…… 

This whole crazy life is all the sweeter with you by my side.



27 thoughts on “{39}

  1. Oh my goodness. If I weren’t sensitive to chocolate, I’d make this for myself! For my 39th. Why not, right! Two very lucky people indeed…love your love story!


  2. Often times I can't really believe we've been hanging out so long. It's just so crazy. {and for desserts, my next favorite cheesecake is plain with a raspberry swirl. I usually put a chocolate ganache on it, but you could skip it. It's delicious too!}


  3. Mine, too! 39 today, that is. But my little bakers and I have no choice but to make his favorite — chocolate chip cookies. In a giant heart shape, of course. šŸ˜‰ Happy birthday to our fabulous husbands!


  4. What an awesome birthday cake!
    Happy birthday to your soul mate, 39 is a great age.
    My Mike has a birthday in April, he will be 51! We have been together since we were 16!


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