vote for me (pretty please)

vote for me (pretty please)

Well shucks. I'm late getting into the game as voting ends tomorrow….. but I thought I'd let you know just the same. C'mon over to Apartment Therapy and vote for me will you? It's the last day….. it will take just a few minutes…. and I thank you so very much for taking the time. I'm kind of giddy when my blog is shared in other spaces. I always look forward to meeting new friends in this little sapce here. 

I think you might have to sign in? But it's super quick and then you just hit the +1 button next to my name. Of course, you should scroll the list and vote for your other favorites too. You can vote for as many as you want…. so share the love and be inspired by some great blogs. (click on the house above to visit!) I think I only need about 50 people to vote for me to make it to the finals (laughing at that thought, but what the heck, a girl can dream!)

Thank you, thank you!!

I'll be here tomorrow with the last part of the homeschool q&a for you.




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