This last week has been a long one.

First the good stuff : We had some lovely birthday celebrating over the weekend (hello 34). Joe & I ran out in the pouring rain to get a few errands done and I came back to a clean!! house!! My youngest three had vacuumed, tidied, and cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms. I think maybe Joe had given them the idea…. but still?! What an incredible birthday gift. Really the best gift a mama could receive, right?

And the not so good : the crud. Fever, coughing, yuckiness. It started with Jade, onto the littles, and now Joe. I've been lucky so far. We just finished off the last of the elderberry syrup, so tomorrow will find me making some more. 

And the busy : more snow. We shoveled and shoveled this morning. Just Joe & I. Talking about the next move. The next place. The next dream. We really have been scheming and dreaming a lot these days about what is to come. That's the nature of the beast for us, barely settled and already looking into the future. Joe will have twenty years in the Coast Guard this fall, 23 when we're up to transfer and right now we're dreaming of getting out and doing something different. It will mean an incredible lifestyle change, and a substantial pay decrease. But it feels so right…. if nothing else it fuels our dreams for now.

Lastly, this picture was taken late last night by Joe. The doors to my studio. (yes, studio. I have a real studio. oh my.) Sewing, snow falling, good stuff. I'm inviting you in tomorrow…. maybe even with a video (by request of my friend A).

See you then….




16 thoughts on “hello…….

  1. oh…can’t wait to hear more about the dreams you and joe are churning up. though, i have to say, looks like you are already living it dear! our lottery dream is to downsize into a small cabin (with a kick ass woodstove, loft/ladder/built-in bookshelves) and surrounding ourselves with as much forest as possible.
    happy belated birthday. hope all of you feel better soon. stay warm and toasty. i here its frigid in your parts once again.


  2. Happy belated birthday! I seriously cannot believe you’re only 34. You just seem much too knowledgable and talented for 34. A wise old soul type, I’m guessing. šŸ™‚
    Looking forward to hearing about your dreams someday — I picture you on a sailboat!


  3. Some late happy birthday wishes to you. Amazing how a clean house, at the hand of others (esp, your own little ones) is such a wonderful gift!
    Love the dreaming. Always doing the same here.
    Hoping the crud passes through quickly. Stay well and warm!


  4. Yes…… always been told I was an old soul. It made being a teenager sort of tough, I think. But it's working out okay as a grown up šŸ™‚ So crazy you should mention a sailboat, because we just talked about that the other night. Hubby being a sailor and all, it's not too far fetched……. I've got my heart sort of set on acres of land though. Only time will tell….


  5. Thank you. The worst is over, I think. But we'll be hanging onto these seal bark coughs for awhile. Blah! Oh well…..
    Happy dreaming to you too though……. it's so good for the soul šŸ™‚ xo~


  6. 1 degree for morning chores today. Unreal. I’m still shivering at 45. lol. This house is a dream, it’s true. But it comes with a hefty mortgage being so close to Providence and Boston. One we have no intention of keeping when Joe retires from the Coast Guard. (he gets a housing allowance based on where he is stationed while active duty)
    How similar our future/lottery dreams sound though….. after these last few days of freezing cold I have requested a giant wood stove in the center of the someday small house, all rooms to be warmed by it. ahem.
    dreaming is no doubt good for your soul…..


  7. Oh my gosh! I love the studio and so love that the two of you are talking about what you are going to do soon when Joey retires, not just about the cool things you do “today” to make this a great life, but about what you’ll do “tomorrow” to make life even more adventuresome. You make me so proud. Want to do the Camino de Santiago with me? šŸ˜€


  8. You are crazy. Lol. Maybe the New England section of the AP šŸ˜‰ These dreams have kept us balanced over the years…… saved our spirit from wilting when things were tough. It's getting so close now though…. I can hardly believe it. I am looking forward to what the future holds for us….


  9. Happy belated birthday! I love this picture of your STUDIO!! how exciting is that?!? And I agree that you are such a knowledgable lady at such a young age. And so inspiring. I love to pop in here to see what you are up to. Can’t wait to see your dreams realized. We too are holding out for our dream. We were in the military, but traded it in for busy life in a busy city. Counting down until we can move on to something calmer and simpler.


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