Happy Dance around these parts.

We have eggs!! The Welsummers laid first…. that light brown speckled one you see was egg number one. After that they've been dark brown. We're not sure if one or both of them are laying, because we've gotten just one dark brown egg each day. The Wyandotte was second, she lays the light brown eggs. Once the Easter Egger's begin laying, we'll have green & blue as well. So exciting!!!

I keep humming a song I heard forever ago. The story probably won't translate well here, but I'll tell you anyway.

When we lived in the little town of Sitka Alaska, we used to attend a winter monthly event called The Grind. Sitka is remote. Like, island-in-Alaska-no-road-out sort of remote. It's got roughly 9k-ish people and cabin fever sets in sometime after the holidays. There is only so much rain and darkness a person can take before insanity or creativity bangs on the door. The Grind is a mix of both. It runs about 6 months out of the year. It's a "family friendly non political event" that costs 5 bucks or a homemade dessert to get in. Local talent performs comedy and music. Halfway through there is a dessert contest and then the desserts are eaten along with coffee, tea, or cocoa to finish out the show. It is an absolute hoot and we miss it so very much. We actually hope to start one someday when we finally settle down in a small town of our own somewhere. Anyhow….. the event always has a loose theme. One month was "Nautical" and a local band jokingly interpreted it as "Naughty-Gals". They sang a little song they wrote titled Eggs. The chorus went something like this, "Eggs, what do they mean to you? They make me think about babies, sex and food." Talk about bordering the family friendly criteria, right? I remember Joe and I staring at each other wide-eyed. And of course our then 7 & 9 year old thought it was hilarious and continued singing it. Despite my discouragement.

That was eight years ago people. EIGHT years. And wouldn't you know it crept back into my head at the sight of the first egg from our backyard. I have no idea why. I can't even remember the name of the band that sang it. As I typed up this ridiculous story for you, I sang the first half of the line to my seventeen year old in the next room and he sang the chorus back to me, omitting the s-e-x word for his younger brother. I was surprised by his tact and we both laughed at the memory.

Anyhow, I'm sure that story did not translate well. And really I wish I could just sing you the chorus so you could hear how it goes…. mostly so it might get stuck forever in the corner of your brain too. And then it will just start playing when you are plucking eggs from the backyard. Or grocery store. And you'll shake your head and giggle and think "what, why, where did that come from?"

That's all for now…. have a good night.



{ps ~ is anyone else having trouble commenting? if so, do drop me an email. i'm looking into it!}


8 thoughts on “eggs!!!

  1. I tried to comment on the 16th but it wouldn’t post.)= I wanted to say how well that story translated, I enjoyed it so much. Part from being an Alaskan, part from my years of chickens in the backyard and part the sense of shared community. Your little stories often mean so much to others far away. Thank you


  2. I’m so glad the 17 year old could enjoy and restrain. I could only hope that those crazy fun memories of Alaska, would some day bring you back here. ❤


  3. The Grind is for sure one of my favorite and most missed events. Cordova really needs one. There is something magic about island (or remote) living that can never be replicated anywhere else……


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