yarn along……..

yarn along.....

One of my goals is to get here more often and share creative works-in-progress with you. Ginny's weekly yarn along might just be the reminder I need for the knitting part.

I'm almost finished scarf in this base yarn. I am afraid it's going to be too short though, and I don't have anymore of this color. So, I'm debating adding more in a different color. We'll see…. This is my second knit with this yarn and I really love it. So soft and squishy and so fast to knit up. The first knit was this little hat. (which is keeping heads warm this winter!)

I picked up A Householder's Guide to the Universe from the library after seeing it somewhere in blogland last month. I've just started it, but I'm already loving it. Harriet is a map maker, which makes her kindred for sure. I can't wait to start mapping out the blank slate in my backyard for next year's garden!

Happy Knitting & reading to you~




22 thoughts on “yarn along……..

  1. That is a pretty yarn. You could always sew the ends together and make a cowl instead if you don’t have enough yarn to make it a scarf. I have heard really good things about that book too!


  2. I want to hear all about that book! I tried to buy it from someone on a swap list a month or so ago but it was a big disaster & I didn’t end up getting it. I wanted so much to read it; I may have to check my library for it as well… xo


  3. I too, looked at this and thought what a lovely cowl it would be by just joining the ends. I love the yarn. I looks so soft and warm and snuggly. And an interesting book, too.


  4. I just started knitting again last night after having been crocheting for a few months. Had to get my brain and hands rewired! Making a slouchy hat for my 12yr old daughter. It’s on big fat dpn’s, something new for me. I can only knit when I knit, so I usually ‘listen’ to TV while my hands are busy.


  5. My yarn along post this week was also using Three Irish Girls yarn. That is a nice colorway! I intended to knit a hat for my daughter, but ran out of yarn and made it a cowl instead. You could sew the ends together to make it an infinity cowl, how cozy that would be in that yarn!


  6. Stephinie, as I am scrolling down your blog I come across this post of yours. I posted a similar photo today . . . haha, two likeminded souls I guess?! Reading and knitting . . .
    Your book looks funny! Aren’t libraries the best?!
    The other day we headed out for a booksale there; all the old books were on sale for just a euro. We got lots of new books for the children. So great!
    ~ Aurora


  7. I do *love* a good library sale! I hope to find some local ones around here in the coming months. Such a fun event to take the kids to. Yes, our photos are alike! I'm hoping to start posting knitting & reading pictures more often. I love what you are working on….. such a lovely blue!!


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