I've never really been good at recording the holidays. When things get busy, my camera collects dust on the top of my dresser as I dive in to get things done. So while there is a whole lot of magic making going on in these parts…. I have not one photo of "proof" to share with you. I know there's more of you out there like me. I blame part of it on my introvert self…… if I can subtract anything from the chaos, I do. Camera (though I love her) is often the first to go. Laundry is second. Camera is less messy when I ignore her than laundry. The other reason though…. is when magic is happening I want to be in it. I don't feel in it behind a lens…. I miss what happens in the peripheral… I worry about lighting & aperture. Pictures are good…. but life is better. You know? 

And while I hoped to get here & hang out with you a little more the last few weeks….. who was I kidding? I'm guessing you're pretty busy too. So I thought we could just make a date to meet up in the new year, after the holiday bustle clears. We'll make something crafty together. Or talk about food. Or the kids.

Which reminds me…. go get caught up in the magic. Don't even try getting all that stuff on your to-do list crossed off. No one cares if you dusted the cobwebs before Great Aunt so-and-so comes for dinner, or if you made eight different Christmas cookies. Sit in front of some twinkly lights and read with your kiddos…. or sip some cocoa by the fire with your sweet man. Go for a walk after dark and admire the lights or quiet of winter or snow crunching under your boots if you're really lucky….. do nothing. Which is really everything.

Before I go, I have one more little thing I want to share with you. It's a snippet from this year's holiday newsletter, a tiny piece of the toast my brother-in-law gave to his daughter on her wedding day this September. He  was talking about being married and raising a family. It was so poignant for our life this year, and it goes something like this:

“sometimes it will be the hardest thing you ever do, but if love and you stick with it and you do it well, it will be the greatest, shiniest treasure you ever put in your pocket….” 

Wishing you all a bit of magic, love, and shiny treasures for your pocket.

Happy Holidays to you~



8 thoughts on “holidays……..

  1. That’s a lovely quote, and a lovely post. It’s true, I never notice how clean the top of my friends’ cupboards are, so reading with family, going for walks, and sharing hot chocolate is *probably* more important. When my kids were little, we read The Tomten by Astrid Lindgren every Xmas eve, and would leave porridge out for the Tomten (he looks after farmyards). I would either make little footprints in the snow leading away from it, or if there was no snow, mix up some dirt from a potted plant to make mud, and then make little muddy footprints on the deck.
    Did your brother in law make that up? Any chance there’s more to it? I would love to save it for my own children’s weddings.
    Merry Christmas!


  2. I so get it Stephinie. I mentioned that in the solstice post I wrote. That post was utterly lacking in the photo department. I find these days I just want to be in the moment not photographing it.


  3. Great word about getting INVOLVED in the magic, rather than just watching it happen. So often, I become tied to documenting our adventures, and forget to join in! We took a two-week Texas tour for the holidays. My goal was to leave my phone in one place and be present with the family. It was so great to be in touch with kids and conversations. I did miss a lot of photo ops (haha), but really appreciated the freedom.
    Happy New Year!


  4. Sorry for such a delay in responding, I stepped away from the blog for the holidays. Such a lovely retreat! Unfortunately I do not have more from what my brother in law said, and it was total improv, as his style is. So it isn’t written down either. But yes, they were his words.
    We *love* the Tomten here too. Leaving porridge is such a sweet tradition!
    Happy New Year to you~


  5. xoxo KC
    It was good taking a break from this space and being in the moment. I still struggle with balance of having “our moments” and “blog moments” a little separate from one another….. it can be challenging at times 🙂


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