in the studio……..

in the studio......

in the studio......

in the studio......

in the studio......

in the studio......

in the studio......

The last week has been my busiest ever.

Gearing up for the show. Sending out orders. So. Many. Orders. I am (of course) grateful to be so busy, to see this little business doing so well. It’s still crazy though, much being learned to do differently this time next year in hopes of creating just a little more balance? 

In the meantime. The studio is where I have been all day. All week. Dyeing up custom orders. Restocking all my silk colors for the show Sunday. Sewing bags, banners, & blankets. I added two new silk blanket colors. Grey & rainbow. Playing around with some very simple shibori techniques for my women’s scarves. Moving, and changing, and moving tables and screens and shelves to create a layout for my booth. That’s a sneak peek for you. Still need to sew up three panels of linen to replace the brown floral on the screen in the back.

Custom orders are closed until after the holidays and the 16th is the last day to order for holiday delivery, so things will be slowing down in just a few more days. It’s taking a lot of extra help from my family to fill my regular shoes. They are working hard too. At this point though, I think everyone is looking forward to next week. Especially my youngest girl, who is in need of some mama time. I think baking cookies and making a few Christmas decorations is on the top of her list……

See you sometime next week.


ps ~ if any of you are local-ish to the Providence area….. you will come out & say hello, right? I’d love to meet you…..


10 thoughts on “in the studio……..

  1. wow wow wow! everything looks amazing!! you have to be so proud of yourself for accomplishing so much…and your ‘efforts’ are gorgeous šŸ™‚ wishing you much luck at the show on sunday!!


  2. thank you so much Kim šŸ™‚ it’s been so crazy….. i can’t wait to share the new silks & more bags after sunday! *fingers crossed for a good show* i’ll be fighting some crazy weather on sunday!


  3. The weather might be a huge deterrent for folks coming out…… but worse case scenario is hanging with Sophie all day & having lots of stuff to list in my shop next month! Not so bad at all šŸ™‚


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