thankful + bacon brussels sprouts

thankful + bacon brussels sprouts

thankful + bacon brussels sprouts

thankful + bacon brussels sprouts

thankful + bacon brussels sprouts

I worked all day Saturday inside & Joe worked all day outside. The little kids ebbed and flowed between the two. Tracking in all sorts of debris and making the good kinds of messes kids make when loosely supervised. Joe & I were up late into the night making pies, stuffing & cranberry sauce. More help by little hands who stayed up way past their bed times.

Sunday was a quiet day, dinner was ready early. More of a late lunch at 1:00. We ate and snacked the rest of the day. Painting some pottery fresh out of the kiln, reading by the fire, playing cards. Simple + quiet. I'm truly thankful for these people I hang out with on a daily basis……

I roasted the turkey breast side down. Epic idea. It was the best I have ever made. By far. Maple syrup was front and center in both pies. Maple-pumpkin and maple-bourbon-pecan. I may have eaten a sliver of the latter with my morning cup of coffee. Shhh….

My youngest declared Thanksgiving his second favorite holiday. (Christmas first, of course.) He said it was so much better than Halloween. It may have been the copious handfuls of marshmallows meant for topping the sweet potatoes talking, but I'll take it anyway.

Lastly, a recipe for the best darn brussels sprouts out there. Dice up 6-8 ounces of some good quality bacon, add to two-ish pounds of halved brussels sprouts, spread in a pan and freshly grind a bit of black pepper over them. Bake at 425 stirring once or twice, until the brussels are crisp but tender. (not mushy!) Broil on high a minute or two to brown the tops.


I'll see you tomorrow for that elderberry syrup recipe I promised last week. Auto-post was supposed to hook you up with that while we were traveling, but something went awry. It's worth the wait though!

See you then~






15 thoughts on “thankful + bacon brussels sprouts

  1. Only because we went to Joe's family for Thursday….. and Joe wanted a Thanksgiving at his own house. We both love to cook and we both love leftovers 🙂 Can't beat two Thanksgiving dinners!!


  2. I have never had brussels sprouts, but at Sams Club last week, they had sautéed brussels sprouts with asparagus, red onion and bacon. OMG it was SO good. I’m off to buy what I need at the store to make that tonight. Probably not what they had in mind when they did the demo, but


  3. You totally scored, I do want you to know that we are so very GREATFUL for you and all of yours, we count your lives as one of the most positive things in this time and place! Thanks squirt!
    Auntie J


  4. your brussel sprouts sound similar to mine. lightly steam sprout. cook up some bacon, add leeks, toss in sprouts drizzle with balsamic vinegar YUM!
    sounds like a lovely sunday. i love a good gathering full of food and fun. ❤


  5. omg…yum!!! now i wish i had picked my sprouts so i could make this recipe!! your day looked so lovely, your description even better…thanks so much for sharing 🙂


  6. I love bacon and brussel sprouts. the first year I tried it I was hooked. It was a toss up this year between turnips from our csa roasted with the turkey or brussel sprouts. I really needed to use up the turnips so I went with those…
    As for pie at breakfast I just go ahead and schedule that into our weekly menu the day after! 🙂


  7. Weekly menu…. I love this idea 🙂 I've got turnips to use this week from our csa! Might roast them up the same way as the brussels. I've got a half pound of bacon left in the freezer!


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