nature collection :: incoming

We received our nature swap in the mail a few weeks back & I'm just now getting it photographed to share here with you. We felt so lucky to have such a great collection of treasures arrive in from Texas. Take a peek……

nature collection :: incoming

nature collection :: incoming

nature collection :: incoming

nature collection :: incoming

nature collection :: incoming

It's so good, right? We've defintiely got the beginnings of a little natural history museum going on!

Some other random news…..

The art fair last weekend was a lot of fun. The best part though was finally meeting Kim and her super sweet family. We had such a good time talking….. we're kindred spirits for sure. And I got to see her book! I can't wait to share more about it as soon as it's officially released in December. It is gorgeous!!

My head is spinning getting lists of to-do things gathered for my next fair on the 15th. It's really going to be a busy couple of weeks…. good busy, of course. I do hope to meet some of you at this event! (also, I forgot to mention, the giveaway is open through the end of the week. I'll close the comments Friday & announce a winner on Saturday.)

What are your holiday plans?

We're headed to New York for a quick visit on Thursday and then home again. One Thanksgiving with all the family and another with just our own. Reminds me of a favorite song of mine…. had another Thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat…… any Arlo fans out there? Our Thanksgiving is not complete without listening to Alice's Restaurant. I'm printing up a few of these for all the cousins to color while we visit. I have grand dreams of water color and a bit of glitter along the edges once I get home…..

I guess that's it for this afternoon. I'm off to the kitchen to make the twice weekly meal I like to call Kettle Pond Soup. It's always local and always a hit! Today's will have lots of root veggies and some cheddar cheese in it…..

I'll be back tomorrow with a recipe for making elderberry syrup. See you then…




11 thoughts on “nature collection :: incoming

  1. I made some elderberry syrup recently too. We’ve needed it this year. For some reason everytime we go out someone get s a cold. Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. what a great collection. Are they going to do it again? Also, after you have “another Thanksgiving dinner that couldn’t be beat”, I hope you don’t have to go to court the next morning. hee hee from an Arlo fan


  3. I noticed that the guinea feather wasn’t labelled, but they are one of my favorite domestic birds! Have you ever raised them? I suspect you will be in love. I got them for my property because they are avid tick hunters and snake chasers. I really wanted my property free of ticks so it would be one less thing to worry about as my little ones play outside, and it only takes 2-4 to keep a 5-acre property tick-free. They are a little smaller than chickens (but not by much) and their eggs are about the size of small chicken eggs. They have gorgeous spotted feathers and absolutely the ugliest head you’ve ever seen, which makes them surprisingly endearing. They also make the craziest noise and are rather loud. So Guinea 101. I had to comment when I saw the picture!
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the upcoming holiday season!


  4. I did know they were Guinea Hens, my husband told me. I would *love* to get a pair for the exact reason you shared….. ticks!! I'm not sure they would stay in my yard though? Or what the neighbors would think of their noise making? I still want them though! My friend in OK noticed incredible improvement in the tick area after getting a small flock. I think that could possible sway the neighbors……..


  5. They are definitely harder to keep in the yard than chickens, but once they identify their home and their territory, they stick with it. I would definitely buy them as babies (They’re called keats.) and keep them in a coop for the first 6 months if possible. And when you do let them out, I’ve been told that their favorite grain is millet and a bowl in their coop will bring them back in for the night. They aren’t ALWAYS loud – just when they’re startled. They don’t “talk” more than any other birds. My neighbors used to like ours; one of our hens would wander into their yards pretty frequently and they would bring her back. But I think it’s also going to depend on the neighbors. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to sell them on the whole tick-thing.
    I’ll be interested in whether you ever decide to get some. I loved mine; I’m curious what your take will be.
    I love your blog and I’ve been reading it for a little over a year and it brings a smile to my face all the time! I don’t remember to comment – I spend a lot of time chasing little ones, but it brings such a joy and sense of perspective to my day. Thanks for taking the time to share your stories with the rest of us! I wish you and your amazing family a wonderful holiday season!
    I’ll be interested to know if you ever


  6. Sounding pretty good! I'll be talking to the neighbors this spring for sure. I agree, I think the tick thing is a winner! We've got wild turkeys that come through and everyone seems to love those. It certainly seems worth a try! Now I'll just need to find some locally so we can get just two or three of them….. thank you so much for all the great information! Also, the sweet words about the blog really made my whole day. My biggest hope in showing up here regularly is to cultivate connection, so to know this space adds a little smile to someone's day is just totally perfect. xo~


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