I got my camera back this week! I was so excited to have it. If you ever need camera cleaning or repair in the Providence area, I seriously can't recommend these guys enough. Last night we walked as the sun set and I snapped a few photos in really low light to test out the lens…. the one above is my favorite.

Our friends are visiting from Louisiana! My friend & her three kids will be staying with us through next Monday. I can't really tell you how incredible it is to see all these kids together laughing. Also, it's pretty sweet to have a second mama in the house that thinks like I think. The two of us managing any squabbles while simultaneously cooking dinner. She makes the salad, I make the cornbread…. we both cut veggies for soup. It's a pretty sweet deal.

We're headed on an adventure today with all the kids (five total), so I can't stay here long. But I do have a list of link love for you……

:: I bought myself a little gift to remember to keep my camera on me. (so I don't drop it again!)

:: A lovely (and huge) list of board games.

:: This sweater pattern. That yarn is so delicious, right?

:: My beloved Charley Harper, in fabric form.

:: Less is More (crafting with little ones)

:: On my needles.

:: Play.

:: And just for fun, a year ago this week.

I'm planning to pop back in with some weekending photos Sunday. See you then.




12 thoughts on “{friday}

  1. loved the links – especially the article about playing!
    the one about board games mentions the book unbored. it’s such a good book!!! I hope your library has it!
    miss you all so very much!!! have fun this weekend!
    xo, a


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