first snow :: by sophie

It started with Maggie barking at the back door. Sophie & I looked out into the yard to see a turkey mama and this years babies (now grown) trailing behind her. They walked diagonally through the yard, using our trail and disappeared into the woods beyond our property. She was so excited, running to get her brother so he could see them too. Turkeys are good luck, right mama. They mean good things. she said to me. I think they do. I told her. 

And right after that, it started snowing. Chaos ensued. Hooting, hollering, a flurry of finding hats, coats, gloves. They ran outside, catching snowflakes on their tongues. Running, laughing.

I haven't seen snow in FOUR years! she yelled.

I haven't seen snow in…….. I can't even remember it! Luke yelled back to her.

It was like a scene from one of my favorite books, playing out right in front of me. They came in to warm up, and I offered her Jade's camera to record the first snow of the year (mine is still in the shop). She came back with these, which I am in love with. Seeing it all through her eyes is surely a bit of magic….

These are straight out of the camera with a 50mm lens, camera on auto. No editing.


first snow :: by sophie

first snow :: by sophie

first snow :: by sophie

first snow :: by sophie

first snow :: by sophie

first snow :: by sophie

first snow :: by sophie

first snow :: by sophie

first snow :: by sophie


Happy Wednesday Friends,




21 thoughts on “first snow :: by sophie

  1. Beautiful pictures Sophia! It was very exciting stuff! I’m glad you captured it, I missed my chance chasing kids and rushing off to work. Such is the dull grind of daily life, but I appreciate your pictures so much! xoxo


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