csa share :: week 19 + random weekend link love……

csa share :: week 19 + random weekend link love......

csa share :: week 19 + random weekend link love......

csa share :: week 19 + random weekend link love......

csa share :: week 19 + random weekend link love......


This week's farm share included::

lettuce * potatoes * carrots * bell peppers * leeks * choi * radish * acorn squash * mizuna

arugula * kohlrabi * sage * parsley * hot peppers * veronica cauliflower * tomatoes * carnival squash


Yep, I skipped sharing the bounty last week. I picked up our veggies much later in the day and ended up with a flat tire on the way home. In the dark. Joe rescued us. We arrive home dirty and ready for a beer. Some days are like that. I'm sure you have them too.

This week's share is awesome, as usual. We've been eating potato leek soup and roasted veggies. I sneak some roasted veggies out of the pan to save for salads the next day. A bed of arugula, leftover quinoa, roasted veggies, feta cheese, and a simple dressing made from whole grain mustard + olive oil + a bit of water to thin. It's seriously good stuff!

Heard from a little mouth this week, "are we really having soup again?" (and then they ate two bowls of it.) I'm trying to convince them beans and chili are not soup. They are a different meal entirely. Especially when you add rice. I don't think they're buying it.


Pre-Order - 300 x 300

In other news, I have something exciting to share with you! I contributed two pieces to the newest Family E-Guide that Liz of A Natural Nester pulled together. Celebrations of Light. It's a really lovely collection of winter celebrations & crafts from a talented group of folks, I'm pretty flattered to be one of them. The pre-orders have begun and the delivery of the book begins November 8th. If you do purchase it through the link above, I get a small portion of the sale. (thank you!) We had great fun with the summer camp e-book this year & I highly recommend printing it up and putting it into a binder for an easy screen free reference as you explore the projects. A lovely sample of what you might find inside the pages can be seen here.

some other link love bits…….

:: We signed up to participate in this Nature Exchange. Take a peek & explore the incredible new space created by Annie & Dawn. (who, by the way, are some of my favorite people) 

:: For the budding little herbalist in your house.

:: This cap. *Swoon*

:: More kid president. Because he makes life awesome. And he made up the word "studenting". I love that.

:: Making me wish there were a few more hours in the day. Oh these are so beautiful.

I'm off to start sanding with the cute sailor boy I live with. Maybe I'll have a freshly painted room to share by next week? A girl can hope.

Have a lovely weekend~~~~





10 thoughts on “csa share :: week 19 + random weekend link love……

  1. Beautiful pictures & yummy looking veggies. I am not quite sure about that bunch of little pine looking trees. Congrad on the family guide pieces.


  2. Thank you for encouraging soup at my house too. I’m so glad your dad is loving it as much as me. I pre-ordered my copy of Celebrations of Light last week when I just happened upon it while working on my Sense of Place journaling class. I can’t wait to get it.


  3. We are truly so very lucky and grateful. It makes it so easy to eat well. I've bought so little produce at the grocery store this summer. It's been awesome! Our winter share is only twice a month and I will miss visiting the farm every week for sure!


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