autumn wildflowers + weekend links

I'm finding myself trailing behind on our walks and taking picture after picture. Everything is so beautiful in this autumn light……

evening light + some link love


evening light + some link love


evening light + some link love


evening light + some link love


evening light + some link love


evening light + some link love


evening light + some link love


evening light + some link love


We're heading to Joe's niece's wedding in NY this weekend. Whenever I say we're going to New York, people always think the city. I tell them no, the backwoods of New York. Tiny picturesque old farm New York. Usually they just look confused then.

Joe's niece was ten when Joe + I got married. She's the first kid I have seen turn into a grown up. Now she is a beautiful young woman and mama. It's kind of crazy. 

My heart is feeling pretty grateful for this short distance between us and extended family. We've always lived so far away that we just couldn't visit often. Under four hours is a pretty sweet deal. And because the rest of Joe's family is all about an hour away, there is going to be a whole lot of Miner Family Chaos this weekend. The good kind, of course.

And so, there is much to do to plan for the trip. Dresses to iron and shoes to find.

I'll leave you with a bit of weekend link love….

Investing for fun & profit. (it's not what you think)

These pillows!


Family Rules.

Home * 2014. swoon…..

This song. Plus these guys are funny too.

Raw Chocolate Fudge. Yum.

Kid President has a message for you mamas. I was just going to link to it, but I want you to see it so bad, that I just embedded it below. It's awesome. A must see.



He's soooo good right? I just love him.

Wishing you a lovely weekend.



10 thoughts on “autumn wildflowers + weekend links

  1. Your pictures are great, I love how you make all the weeds look pretty! The image isolation makes it. I took a picture of the funny purple-green orb/berry thingy too, it looks like a mars mushroom colony to me! The Dan Mills videos – LOVE THOSE!! Anybody who can cover Spice Girls with a guitar and sound good is awesome. ❤ Safe Travels & Have lots of Fun!


  2. When that cutie pie said “moms stop cleaning!” I laughed –mostly at myself. Adored that video and your photos. Yea new calendar–I love Nikki Mcclure’s artwork!


  3. I hope you have a fantastic family filled weekend! I’m from the “back woods” of upstate New York. It’s a beautiful part of the country! Your photos are lovely, I love this time of year and the sunlight that bathes everything in a golden glow.


  4. Can you believe it has been two whole weeks since the wedding….Autumn is in full glory and only glimpses of that beautiful late summer garden peak out from the fallen leaves. I’m glad things have slowed down. I am still waiting for frost to finish my gardens . There are still zuchini, beans, kale, squash and tomatoes.. Its October and I’m still watering and picking…. Oh! And the White Zinnia patch is bigger then before we cut for the wedding. Amazing!


  5. The zinnias!! Oh I do love the zinnias. I can't believe it's been two weeks either. We have had two rounds of visitors and such crazy busy-ness in that time. We got a log/guest book for the apartment this weekend…. I wish we'd have thought of it sooner. We've been here just six months and already we've had over twenty visitors to that space. I couldn't be happier for all the meals shared and good times happening here….. speaking of which, looking forward to our visit!! xo~


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