The magic of this place never ceases to amaze me.

The beauty. The people. All of it.

I was able to attend a few informal workshops Saturday afternoon before the Art Fair. Mingling with Amanda and Ashley to talk about chickens and bees, watching an indigo dyeing tutorial, & learning a bit about wild-crafting and tincture making. We then had a delicious dinner, which is always so nice when you are the mama and you didn't have to cook it. Such luxury…. 

After that I headed to set up my table at the fair, neighbors with the very talented Phoebe. I spent the evening talking with so many wonderful people. Even a few blog readers! (hello, hello!) Sharing my work in person is so amazing…. really. Connection. And speaking of connecting, I also met Meg, who is seriously one of the cutest pregnant mamas right now, and one of the sweetest most genuine kind of people you could ever hope to meet. Putting a real person behind work you admire is really something special.

I guess that's it for now. I know I'll spend the day swooning over my little adventure, unpacking the car, cozying up on this rainy day with new books I got for my littlest ones…..

Wishing you all a fabulous start to your week.




34 thoughts on “squam……..

  1. How I wish I could have made it to say hi. I was literally 35 minutes away at Winnesquam Lake that day, but it may as well have been hours… with a little one whose bedtime is right at the time of the Fair and still needs nursing to sleep. Maybe another year.


  2. Isn’t it nice to live within driving distance?! I’m glad you got to go back. Selling in person sounds amazing and maybe something I might even aspire to some day!
    I spent the week before at a writing retreat in Montana, and it was fabulous, absolutely transformative. And YES, I very much appreciated not having to think about meals or dishes! They fed me well and safely–such a gift, with celiac + food intolerances + allergies.


  3. Oh gosh, you go to Sqaum! I SO need to go! I can’t wait to meet you, because then I won’t just be reading (on a million blogs) about Squam, I will actually have met someone who goes!


  4. your both looks soooooo good!!!! i’m so impressed!!!
    and the second to last picture is *beautiful*!
    so glad you got to go!!! xoxo, a


  5. Oh, everytime I read something about Sqam at your blog or Amanda’s or anywhere else, I cannot help myself but get very (very!) jaleous . . . how I wish I lived just a tad closer!! Hopefully, someday, I get to buy myself a ticket, enrol myself in all sorts of interesting courses, join you and all the others at the fair and have inspiring conversations down at the pier . . . someday!
    Thank you reporting on it every time!


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