csa share :: week 13 (and the truth about tomatoes)

csa share :: week 13 (and the truth about tomatoes)


csa share :: week 13 (and the truth about tomatoes)


csa share :: week 13 (and the truth about tomatoes)


This weeks farm share included:

tomatoes (slicers + cherry) * turnips * potatoes * onions * peppers (bell + hot) * lettuce * beans

golden beets * chinese cabbage * green onions * arugula * kale * oregano * thyme 


After we checked off most of what was on our homeschooling to do list this morning, I spent the rest of the day chopping tomatoes. Somewhere in between batches of roasted tomatoes, I roasted some eggplant for this dip. It's really the best thing ever to do with eggplant. Yes, I've mentioned it before, yes it's really that good. Also, I secretly love that it is a bit too garlicky for three out of six house members….. because that means the other three out of six house members enjoy a really delicious treat.

But really. Today was all about the tomatoes. Our farm warned that it might be the last chance to buy bulk tomatoes and I just couldn't pass it up. Even though the response from Joe was something like…. "seriously?"

csa share :: week 13 (and the truth about tomatoes)


We have put up 130+ pounds of tomatoes this year. That does not include what we've eaten from our farm share, only the extra we've purchased. The fermented salsa turned out fantastic too! So good that I am making another half gallon tomorrow, which will finish of this week's 40 pounds of tomatoes from the farm. Today we made 11 quarts of roasted tomato sauce. Which I know will be devoured and loved when I make fresh pasta this winter with eggs from our hens. And then Joe will look at me and say "seriously" again…. but it will mean something much sweeter and completely different.

Speaking of hens. I have also put up 19 quarts of canned salsa. Which has everything to do with fresh eggs. Because I could never grow tired of salsa + eggs every day. So, so, good.

I'm watching the timer count down to finish off the granola I also made today. Because, yes. I am crazy. Also, I am tired of oatmeal. So in three minutes I will scurry upstairs to bed….. far after everyone else. And I need to remember to leave Joe a note to remind him the granola is in the oven when he tumbles out of bed at 4:30 tomorrow…. because if I don't, you know what he'll say when he gets home. 

"You mean I forgot about the granola…. seriously?!"

See you tomorrow afternoon for part one of the coop tour.




8 thoughts on “csa share :: week 13 (and the truth about tomatoes)

  1. You are crazy, and dedicated. Yesterday I found myself looking at the calendar and being grateful the CSA season is coming to an end soon. My freezer is full, the kids are fed… but they won’t venture to far yet and try many new things and I have been eating a.lot.of.greens. I’m just one person. Gah! I know that sounds terrible, but it’s such a huge commitment for a family with 2 full time working parents to manage all that produce every week—tons of salad greens every week (for months!). I’ve lost 9lbs this summer not even trying, and I’m sure its because Ive been trying to keep up with the CSA! My friends bunny is getting the braising greens and salad greens this week. I’m greened out, reached my limit…. and i grew up on a farm —eating like this way! I’m eating junk food today. 😉


  2. It is a certain level of insanity….. for sure. I know I can't handle tomatoes next week with Joe gone and my evenings full of prep work for the fair. So I *had* to do it! Plus remember we're 6 big eaters here! We signed up for the fall csa too, but it's every other week. Plus it will be some good long lasting veggies too like squash and carrots. I wish I was close enough to steal your greens! lol I always use those up the fastest. xo~


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