*30 minute patchwork pillow*

a 30 minute patchwork pillow cover


I'm over at Sara's place today as part of her Bite Sized Sewing series!

Come visit to see the tutorial I created on how to make a super easy pillow cover……


Have a wonderful day!



ps ~ I'm in the process of writing a post about homeschooling. Do you have any questions? Send me an email and I'll answer as many as I can!


12 thoughts on “*30 minute patchwork pillow*

  1. Sooo, I wanted to tell you (this msg has nothing to do with your current post btw lol) But my sis is having a baby boy in January. Im excited!!! I am going to get me a sewing machine and make a baby blanket. You have inspired me to be creative and crafty. I’ll show you a pic once im done with it. This should be interesting.. since I haven’t touched a sewing machine since I was little. Which to be honest, my mom did the sewing lol.
    Once I get the hang of it though, I plan on making pillow cases and what not. I always look at the stuff you make and think its so cool.. I gotta try it.
    Love you lady!!


  2. Aw, you used the apple fabric!! LOVE it! I’ll check out your tutorial. I need to sew some pillow covers for our couch. Love your space there by the way. Makes me smile.


  3. I did! I made some aprons with it too. They came out super cute. Sophie claimed the pillow as her own so she now has a fall themed bed! lol. I can't wait to see if you make a few of these up! Super easy 🙂


  4. I love it! I have three pillow forms waiting for me. seriously! i was stalling b/c I was nervous about a zipper!!! this is so much better!
    love the flannel – quilting!!! this is perfectly timed for me!
    and I have that turquoise fabric, too!
    more tutorials, please!
    xo, a
    homeschooling: how much time do u spend every day?
    do u have required reading time? how long? this isn’t too important. I’m just wondering. regarding reading / do u follow the Charlotte mason book list?
    man, I have so many questions! I would like to interview you! ha!


  5. They're so easy!!! I have one I made in Morgan City from about three years ago and it is still going strong. I'm not a zipper fan either 🙂 Adding your questions to the list. But you will giggle…. because we are more serious this year than in the past. Mostly by Sophie's request. And please let Joseph know the pile of books is bigger! lol. I'll show you a picture of our shelf when I pull the post together. xo~


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