csa share :: week 12 (and random bits of news)

csa share :: week 12 (and random bits of news)


csa share :: week 12 (and random bits of news)


csa share :: week 12 (and random bits of news)


csa share :: week 12 (and random bits of news)


This week's share from the farm included:


cherry tomatoes * 8 pounds of slicing tomatoes * eggplants * cucumbers * radishes * potatoes *

beans * carrots * beets * onions * arugula!! * savoy * parsley


I brought home twenty pounds of tomatoes this week and every bit of it has been turned into salsa. I've got a gallon fermenting on the basement stairs. Similar to Rachel's recipe here, minus the whey because I read you can do it with just salt. I'll keep you posted on the outcome.

On the menu this weekend, grilled white fish smothered in salsa. 

Speaking of Rachel's salsa, her regular canning recipe has been my go-to for two seasons now. Minus the sugar and cumin. I added a half tsp of chipotle to the last batch. It's a super delicious thick salsa. So good!

The last photo proves that my children have not yet tired of Kettle Pond's amazing sweet cherry tomatoes. Those little orange ones are the best. They devour them every week.

This week….. I would love for you guys to share a link to a great seasonal recipe below. C'mon…. tell me what you're eating….

I've got a ton to tell you tomorrow…. I'm really going to show up here, I promise. I know it's been quiet. The big kids started school Tuesday and things have been so busy the last week. Like, ridiculously crazy….

Awesome friends in town-learning to run a wood chipper-building a chicken coop-first day of high school-getting ready for this-making education plans to submit to the state for the younger two. (Seriously, I did run the wood chipper and use more electric power tools in the last week than in the last ten years.) Yep. That kind of busy.

See you soon.




8 thoughts on “csa share :: week 12 (and random bits of news)

  1. Your CSA sure is generous with the tomatoes. Jackpot!
    I’m swimming in fabulous seasonal recipes, and when my entire kitchen is filled with simmering tomatoes and drying fruit leather and I’ve forgotten to make dinner, I make this smoothie:
    2 frozen bananas, 1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder, 2 cups plain yogurt, 2 TBSP peanut butter. We call it “chocolate milkshake,” the kids love it and no one’s the wiser.


  2. That sounds awesome! I bet you could even sneak in a handful of greens if needed. Like, you know…. if the kids had only eaten tomatoes that day. Ahem.
    What do you use to make fruit leather? I just found out there is a local fruit CSA. We are definitely signing up next year. I’m totally debating a dehydrator for leather and sun dried tomatoes and apple rings. Hmmmm…….
    I often wish the appliance fairy would drop that and a kick butt blender that could handle root veggies off on my front porch one night. So far…. no such luck.
    On another note…. the farm shares are awesome!! I was talking with our farmer and noting on the generous size and he said “sometimes I think I could probably make them smaller, but thenI think, what would people eat?” Seriously my kind of guy. We are so lucky to have such an awesome place to get our food from.


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