csa share :: week 11

csa week 11


csa week 11


csa week 11


csa week 11


csa week 11


csa week 11


This week's farm share included:

tomatoes of all sizes (two pints of cherries + 8 pounds of slicers)

dandelion greens




red onion




peppers (bell + hot)

*plus I picked up 40 pounds of paste tomatoes at $1.25 a pound! 


We had a good visit with my mom and we're getting back into our groove as a family of six. The big kids are registered for public school and start next week. 9th and 12 th grade! I can't really beleive it. The school is known for having a great drama department and Jade was really excited to take drama as an elective. And art, of course. I think the big kid has decided to take psychology and an extra science class as his elective. Night & day these two of mine.

But, back to the food….

Local summer food happenings in my kitchen::

*giant delicious heirloom tomatoes eaten like apples by my kids, sliced with a bit of salt for Joe & I.

*The kitchen will be full of salsa making all day today. some traditional stuff and I'm trying my hand at a half gallon of this…. have any of you made fermented salsa before? I have only eaten it. it's really delicious in that tangy sour way that fermented foods are. I'm hoping the kids like it.

*roasted tomatoes, garlic + onion blended with a bit of veggie broth makes a delicious tomato soup. we like ours with a bit of shredded sharp cheddar on top. and red pepper flakes, of course.

*this frittatta

*making this today too (from last week's eggplant)

*one pan pasta


What's yummy and local in your neck of the woods?


20 thoughts on “csa share :: week 11

  1. Today I’m picking up Tomatoes, Potatoes, Melon, Green Beans, Mesclun Mix, and more Beets (gah!). The beets are now killing me, thank god the cabbage and chard had ceased to torture me. πŸ˜€ Tee-hee. I am glad I did this in January this year, and I will do this every year, but man is it a lot of work! I can say, we really love, love love the green beans, strawberries, and eggs. This is my first week of no eggs since May 😦


  2. Love eggplant with skin cut off, nice thick slices and breaded then fried a bit in olive oil in my cast iron skillet – drained and inside an 8-grain pita with a teaspoon of spaghetti sauce – incredible with a huge glass of ice water…


  3. TK – why no eggs for the week? I don’t have chickens but my daughter and her family (3 of them) have 6 hens and they eat eggs in ways I couldn’t even imagine. Very creative chef husband uses them in everything.


  4. They shifted to more greens I suppose…. My greens share was larger this week…. And since I’m on Cape Cod, I’m guessing the Farm is selling a lot of organic eggs to the seasonal residents and tourists now that it is the height of population this week! They did warn us… And my share was equally plentiful … Not really complaining! :). We still had breakfast for dinner tonight … Just added boiled beets and red potato “chips” my husband made in the BBQ!


  5. I love seeing what other farms put in their CSA shares! Some weeks I can get pretty stressed deciding what to put in the share and worrying if people are getting tired of one thing or another or if it’s too much or too little of something. And so interesting to see how they give you the onion like that!(us farmers can really nerd out on these types of details lol) This time of year when they are fresh not ready for storage we trim them right up all shiny. It’s possible I worry way too much about whether we’ll freak out our CSAers with too much work and compost! Beautiful share! You’re farmers are lucky to have you!


  6. I'm giggling about the onions. If I had cold storage of some sort, I would totally hang them to dry….. some weeks they are bundled in a bag all trimmed and other weeks they are like the ones above. I prefer them sans plastic πŸ™‚ I know they put a *ton* of effort into the shares each week. They are such good folks! We get an email ahead of time, but there is always a bonus item and pile of freebies to choose some extras from. (less than perfect items or leftover market items) I think I'm the lucky one πŸ™‚


  7. Wow so much red! I love those pear tomatoes. so sweet. I’ve never tried fermented salsa. I can’t wait to get back to salsa. I do miss it alot!


  8. It’s funny when you give a CSA you never actually get one! With onions they need dark and dry most importantly cool more than cold, we have a root cellar for a lot of things but it’s too moist for onions. We braid them with twine and we have nails the stairs to the basement that we hang them on. It works like a charm.


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