csa share :: week 10 + summer food……

Firstly….. thank you all for the sweet words yesterday. I'm always a little uncertain when baring my soul like that…. and you are always so sweet & fill my heart up. Seriously awesome. Thank you~

Secondly, Monday was one of those rough days. We had a ton of things to get done, Joe got in a fender bender on the way home from work. Scary but no one was hurt. He & I ran a zillion errands and arrived home totally exhausted at 8:30 (then tackled building a bed for the big kid, it was a long night!) Needless to say, there was not a speck of sunlight to get a lovely photo of our share this week. Instead you'll have to settle for this::


csa share :: week 10 + summer food......


This week's farm share included : 

. lots of tomatoes . cucumbers . the last zucchini . potatoes . onions . salad mix .

. eggplant .yukina savoy . peppers . kale . sage . basil . oregano . 


But hey, don't leave yet, I do have something worth sharing today. A few simple dinners inspired by our farm shares. Easy, fresh, delicious, summer food. Enjoy…..


csa share :: week 10 + summer food......

*the* zucchini fritters. we love them. like really love them. especially with my new favorite summer salad : gently steamed green beans, boiled new potatoes & cherry tomato halves tossed with a generous amount of garlic scape pesto and a bit of olive oil & sea salt. amazing. really.


csa share :: week 10 + summer food......

 grandma karen's "cruddy tomatoes" : fresh diced tomatoes, basil, garlic, sea salt, fresh mozzerella + pasta. summer flavors at their finest.


csa share :: week 10 + summer food......

lastly, this : roasted tomatoes, chick peas, and sauteed kale. a bit of garlic and sea salt. sprinkled withfreshly grated asiago and some red pepper flakes. because really, red pepper flakes are awesome on everything. 


That's it for today. I'll be back Friday with some shop news and some link love and hopefully a great photo of blackberries after we find a local place to pick/visit while Grandma is here!

Happy local eating to you!




11 thoughts on “csa share :: week 10 + summer food……

  1. wishing you lots of joy & connection over these next few days ~ being a mom can be so hard…make sure to get and give lots of hugs.
    that last salad looks wonderful…it’s now on my list for today! 🙂


  2. I really want to make the fritters but the house we are renting doesn’t have a grater! I’m surrounded by zucchini and can’t grate any of it. Seeing as we are coming home in 9 days I’ll just have to stick it out a little longer. You do make the most yummy meals!


  3. Just found your blog, I actually saw it it two different places today (being sick on summer day I’d say the odd were increased)! It was providence then that it was so lovely AND I had absolutely zero inspiration for dinner tonight. Your zucchini fritters are just what I needed to see. I’m sending the kids over to the farmstand for some zukes! Thank you! I’ll try to put a link int this weeks CSA newsletter for them!


  4. So Crazy, I just took a peek at your about page and realized who you are! I am a Cordova gal myself 🙂 My mom told me about your blog ages ago and she could never remember the name of it! So fun! It’s a small world!


  5. Oh my goodness!! I totally forgot you were in New England. I've known your mom for ages!! Penny, right? I always bump into her when I go back to Cordova. She and I talked a lot about you and the farm last summer while at a class at The Net Loft. What a small world indeed!


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