Backyard Art Camp : Geninne Zlatkis

Backyard Art Camp : Geninne Zlatkis


I'm joining a sweet and talented group of folks today as part of the Backyard Art Camp I shared with you awhile back……

The idea behind the series is to share a project based on, or inspired by, a favorite artist. I completely *adore* Ms. Geninne Zlatkis and our rock art is inspired by her incredible talent. If you've not visited her blog, prepare to be awed and lost for pages and pages. Geninne is so prolific in her work and best of all, inspired by the natural word she lives in. Her art is truly stunning and I swoon over it on a regular basis. I just purchased her recent book a few months ago on printing and it is as wonderful as expected. The kids & I sat with it and discussed the lines and inspiration of her work before we decorated our rocks. Sophie was especially in awe of her bird & butterfly drawings…..

Our river rocks were collected in New York on visits with family and they are very precious to us. The kids each chose a rock to decorate and then we got busy sketching ideas and rough drafts onto paper with the sharpie markers I bought for the project. Geninne creates her art with ink (amazing) but I though the controlled application of sharpies would be a less frustrating medium for little hands.


::River Rock Art::

fine & regular tipped sharpie markers (metallic ones are really fun)

some precious collected smooth stones

blank paper for pre-rock decorating sketches




Backyard Art Camp : Geninne Zlatkis


Backyard Art Camp : Geninne Zlatkis


Backyard Art Camp : Geninne Zlatkis


Backyard Art Camp : Geninne Zlatkis


Backyard Art Camp : Geninne Zlatkis


Backyard Art Camp : Geninne Zlatkis


The end result was a trio of really beautifully decorated rocks. The kids were both really happy with the outcome of their art, which is the best kind of thing you can hope for when you do a project together. Art is usually more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants event around here. Sitting down and talking about ideas, design, and sketching rough drafts was certainly out of the ordinary us….. I'm really grateful things turned out happy at the end. Sometimes young artists get frustrated while in process, especially when comparing their work to a super talented artist. (This was definitely the case with the younger of my two students.) I kept reminding him that everyone has a beginning, even the most amazing artist had to learn how and try, and try, and try again…..

Here's a list of the great Backyard Art art projects shared so far:

found object art-inspired canvases decorated with nature walk treasures with me 

   * picture and art books to get the creativity flowing

   * pointillism inspired paintings with something other than a paint brush with buzzmills.

   * christo-inspired backyard decorations with fabric scraps with crafting connections

   * kiddie kandinsky art with my life at playtime

   * henri rousseau-inspired mixed media installation from  the crafty kitty 

   * Graphite and Collage Figure Art inspired by Lisa Congdon and Jaime Zollars with  Miranda Makes

   * exploration & art from simple things notebook


And here are the contributors sharing in the coming days:

   * courtney from mon petit lyons

   * carla from small + friendly

   * sanae from sanae ishdia

   * jennet from feathered nest studio

   * tara from girl like the sea


Enjoy & Happy Creating!




14 thoughts on “Backyard Art Camp : Geninne Zlatkis

  1. I love these!! This seems like a beautiful idea for handmade gift giving too! I look forward to making these with my kiddos. I love the idea of using permanent markers as well, we’ve done painted rocks before, but the markers are so much more defined. Beautiful job. And, yes, art here is usually much more of a fly by the seat of our pants kind of thing too…which is why this series is so great! 🙂 thanks so much for joining us!


  2. Love Geninne’s work too. She is amazing!
    Your rocks turned out really cool and I love that they have a connection to place for you guys!
    We just purchased some new colorful sharpies. I think we will have to give this a turn.


  3. You know, I tried to find some rocks at the craft store for this and had no luck. So the kids each had just one rock to decorate. I thought this might be stressful, but it turned out they were okay with it. My younger guy had some frustrating things during the project but he made it work and ended up happy with his beautiful rock so all was well!


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