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I'm sure most of you know that I am really passionate about supporting our local farmers. When we lived in Louisiana we drove over an hour twice a month to pick up farm veggies and talk with our "local" food growers. To see my kids interact with farmers and farm life makes my heart swoon with love. Plus coming home from farm visits with an abundance of local food is pretty darn awesome too.

In the past six years I've been lucky enough to live in places (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Louisiana, & now Massachusetts!) that I could get to know my farmer, even though sometimes it took a little effort or extra mile to do it. Something I've really enjoyed is meeting our next generation of farmers. Young people. People younger than me even…. choosing to take on one of the most important roles in our society: Growing Food! I am continuously in awe of farmers. They spend so much time and hard work so I can feed my family. They smile with gratitude when we pick up or CSA share. And they even take the time to answer my questions as a very novice gardener. How do I prune this tomato? What does soil ph mean? Do you think I can grow quinoa in Massachusetts?

Basically, they're a pretty amazing lot.

Somehow in the past week and a half I bumped internet elbows with the very talented farm photographer Kimberly Peck. The girl has got talent, let me tell you! I sent her a note telling her I had found her work and supported her kickstart project…. a day later I got an email with a heartfelt thank you and then we conversed back and forth about roasting tomatoes for sauce and freezing stuff in mason jars and making homemade pesto. Good stuff, right? She's a gem for sure.

Some of you may have seen her images on the pages of Taproot and she's got an amazing project in the works. She's self publishing a book this fall about farm life and food in New England :: Farm, Food, Life : Photos & Recipes Inspired by Local Farms. The book will share her visits to farms around New England and will also have farm fresh recipes inside. This is the kind of book a girl like me dreams of. I told her I would love to share her project on my blog and she graciously sent over a sneak peek of five gorgeous images that will be in the book! Gypsy Forest is the first place these have been published on the web, so you're really in for a treat!


_MG_3230 WEB


_MG_4180 WEB


_MG_7463 WEB


_MG_8341 WEB


garlic scape double WEB


In Kim's words : "In 2011, drawing inspiration from my childhood in Vermont and my home in the Monadnock Region, I began photographing local farms to support the growing local food movement and to feed my passion for documentary photography. The goal of my farm series is to use the visual narrative of photography to connect farmers and their communities. I want people to see who is growing their food and to understand the hard work that goes into farming. Every farm has a unique story to tell, and through the photographs, each farm has the opportunity to share theirs. During the past three years, I have documented over thirty farms, with more visits planned this year."


Amazing right? I'm completely inspired by what she's doing. I think something as beautiful as this book will encourage a whole lot of people to look closer at their plate, to seek out their local farmer and to visit their farmer's markets. 

So while I really, truly wanted to share this just because I love it, I also want to let you know that the project has nine more days to get funding. Even though Kim has met her minimum funding (yeah!), more backers means a bigger book and more farms and recipes she can share. If you'd like to donate a few dollars to make a dream project happen, that would be awesome

Thanks to Kim for the fabulous sneak peek, and for dreaming big.

Thanks to everyone who has helped her make this project happen too…. the magic that can happen when we pull together for a common dream is good stuff for sure.

much love,



19 thoughts on “Farm . Food . Life

  1. You guys are so awesome!!
    Thank you for such encouraging words!!
    You make my day 🙂
    And, just a little fyi…I will be taking pre-orders for the book next month! If you want to be in the know, contact me from my website or via Kickstarter…I can add you to my email list! xoxo


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