chick wrangling…..


Here it is.

Luke & I had a rather hilarious attempt at getting pictures of the chicks to share with you. There is a funny tiny room off of our kitchen with glass french doors. It has a skylight and it's completely enclosed. Luke, the chicks, & I are all squeezed into this tiny space. It's been the perfect setup for chick viewing. Especially when they start escaping from their box.

Somehow the whole event was *much* harder than I expected. They move a lot more at nearly 3 weeks old than a week old. Solo capture, not so bad. Group photo, insane. It involved a lot of squawking, feathers, and chicken poop. This made my helper laugh so hard he was unable to assist me in any way. You know, seven year old boys and poop… funniest thing ever!

But hey, we tried. And even though these look nothing like those people that photograph chicks in hats, we thought you'd still enjoy them…..


chick wrangling.....

she's Luke's favorite….. but don't tell the others.


chick wrangling.....

easiest way to tell your chick box needs a lid, they start escaping….


chick wrangling.....

getting feathers! and perching on the side of the tote!


chick wrangling.....

attepmting to get them all together….


chick wrangling.....

that's the bossy one on Luke's lap


chick wrangling.....

boy off giggling…. no improvement on group photo attempt….


chick wrangling.....

the easter eggers ~ they'll lay blue or green eggs (or maybe pink)


chick wrangling.....

the welsummers ~ they'll lay speckled deep brown eggs


chick wrangling.....

laced winged wyandotte in the front, she'll lay brown eggs… she was the least impressed with the photo shoot!


chick wrangling.....

I don't speak chicken…. but I'm guessing this means "feed me, or leave!"

how to hypnotize a chick, by Luke


So there you have it.

Hope it brought a smile to your day.




14 thoughts on “chick wrangling…..

  1. I have a Welsummer Roo and 2 hens, I think. They are all beautiful. We are awaiting their first eggs now. Who knows where they will lay them though, or if they already have. They have free range over 10 acres. This could prove to be interesting. Easter Egg hunting anybody??


  2. Isn’t he? Those big brown eyes make me swoon. My little brother has the same big brown eyes and everyone always commented on how cute he was. At the age of 3 he would say in a gruff voice “I am not cute, I’m handsome!” So funny!


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