csa share :: week 8

csa share :: week 8


csa share :: week 8


csa share :: week 8


csa share :: week 8


csa share :: week 8


I'm in the midst of finishing up a room redo Joe & I have been working on….. so today's post is going to be a quick one. Even though I'd rather stay here and hang out with you guys than scrub baseboard heaters. I suppose that's a given, huh?


Our farm share this week included::



summer squash & zucchini





one awesome hot pepper

lettuce heads

new potatoes


So far this week we've eaten roasted veggies & quinoa with black beans. No recipe, just toss together farm veggies, quinoa, black beans and mexican style seasoning. Makes a great cold salad on day two for the guy's lunch also. Pad Thai (farm veggies and sauce inspired by this recipe). Veggie frittata & tomato-cucumber salad. Likely my favorite summertime meal. (on a random note, spell check does not like the word quinoa or frittata…. maybe they need to update?!)

Good things to try::

Green Pancakes (experiment, swap out the greens for what you have!)

Roasted Tomato Sauce

Spicy Summer Frittata

how to freeze zucchini (you can grate & freeze them too, without blanching. then toss them in soup or make zucchini muffins.)


That's it for today….. see you tomorrow to talk about chick(en) love. 

Eat local!



6 thoughts on “csa share :: week 8

  1. What a nice big basket of onions! (They’re one of my favorites. Probably because they’re low pressure. You can just let them hang out if you get busy scrubbing baseboard heaters, for example!)


  2. Yes on the low pressure. Baseboards…. yuck. But wait ’til you see the room next week. Fresh paint makes things so nice and clean. Even when it’s not planned…. unplanned tile job next. Oh boy!


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