My friend Tawnya + I love mermaids. We've passed this obsession love onto my two girls as well. Two summers ago when Tawnya's third baby (a girl!!) arrived we hoped we had another member for the mermaid club. Our recent move means I'm just over an hour away from my dear friend and her little ones. Over the last few months we've seen them more than in the last ten years. My heart is so happy being able to be part of her kids lives and seeing all our kid's get to know one another. It's really just the best thing ever.

Tawnya's sweet girl turned two earlier this month and her mama asked if I would make an explorer bag for her. Her two big brothers had one… so of course she needed one too. I used to sew these little bags up by the dozens for the shop. I think I can make one with my eyes closed. Or, perhaps, the evening before the birthday at 9pm because I procrastinate. Ahem~

I pulled some extra special mermaid fabric from my stash, Heather Ross purple mermaids. *swoon* And to put the whole mermaid theme over the top, we also gifted her three little mermaid friends and a sea inspired playsilk. Little T adored all her mermaid goodies and her mama sent me that picture of her in full I'm-on-a-mission-toddler-stride with her little bag. How sweet are those wild curls, right?

I think we can say the mermaid club is definitely up to five members. Good stuff I tell you~




22 thoughts on “mermaids…..

  1. So cute! Makes me wish upon a sea star for a girl! I wonder if I can lure our only girl resident (Coco the cat) into becoming a mermaid fan? Maybe if they smell of tuna…;)
    So whimsical and fun! Thanks for fun on a Wednesday!


  2. I’m drooling over a) that fabric, and b) those toddler knees!! On a mission is right! So sweet. My sister LOVES mermaids too…her whole bathroom is full of art, sculptures, etc. of mermaids. Must find some of that fabric!


  3. EEk! That fabric. I sudden have a mermaid fan here too. There are so many questions asked about mermaids many of which I can’t answer like, do mermaids smell when they are dry?


  4. You people posting pictures of these little girls with beautiful curls–makes my ovaries twinge! I love that little explorer bag too, such a great gift.


  5. I *know* right!!! She is such a charmer that girl….. cuteness overload. We've been slowly making friends in that way that adults and two year olds do. For example, offer any upset child a bunny to hold and they love you. Good stuff 😉


  6. It took a heap of bravery for sure. Someday I’ll have to share my drawer of Heather Ross goodness with you all. It’s ridiculous. I wish she was still designing for free spirit. I miss her! I added a bit of her mermaids to my daughter’s quilt too….. planning on using a good bit of the stash for the next quilt. One that will live in the main area of the house so it gets plenty of use and so I can ogle over those mermaids on a regular daily basis too 🙂


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