csa share :: week 7

csa share :: week 7


This weeks farm bounty::


The end.


Okay, I'm sort of kidding. But look at those tomatoes!! I still had a crush on the sweet peas that just finished up and then these come along. The holy grail of summer……… better than any candy in my opinion.

But seriously, we did get a lot more than tomatoes. This week's share included::


csa share :: week 7


csa share :: week 7


summer squash & zucchini (4 varieties)




green beans








We're still making those fridge pickles and we made this stew (yummy!). I'm drying herbs in the window and making pesto to freeze. We're making zucchini fritters again this weekend and I give you this bit of advice. Do not forget to salt them. Otherwise you end up making slightly soggy fritters. Still edible…. but sort of soggy. 

Most of these delicious veggies are gobbled up raw. I sautéed some kale and tossed it with leftover roasted veggies, sea salt and nutritional yeast for some really yummy lunch-time burritos. To use up some zucchini, these recipes look super yummy : Zucchini FriesStuffed Zucchini. I also saw it on grilled pizza and tossed with pasta. Easy + delicious.

One more drool-worthy tomato shot for you……. 

ahhhhhh…… so good right?


csa share :: week 7


Eat Local!




ps ~ 28 pounds of berries were picked this morning before the rain rolled in…. bringing the total to 54 pounds! Halfway to one hundered!


8 thoughts on “csa share :: week 7

  1. You are so right. At the farm I was asking Steve (the farmer) about properly pruning tomatoes. We walked into a giant hoop house filled with tomatoes and you know, the smell always reminds me of you. Munching cherry tomatoes and dill in the backyard. Delicious~~ xo!


  2. Seriously, I’m in heaven with those tomatoes. You all take home one serious haul of food. 🙂 Love zucchini fritters too. I made that epic mistakes of not getting the water out of them the first time. Still yummy but a bit mushy for sure.


  3. Hi! I have visited here before but never commented. I am using that recipe you linked to for making pickles from the cucumbers I bought at our local farmer’s market. I am learning how to can, but nice to have such an easy go to recipe for refrigerator pickles. Thank you!


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