the backyard art camp series

I'm excited to be sharing an art project for kids next month as part of this series. My blog pal Melissa and her friend Jane are the masterminds behind the idea. Twice a week for the next two months both these creative ladies will be sending you to visit a contributor's blog to see a great art project to share with your kiddos. You can read more about the whole series by visiting the page. To sum it all up, we all just want to share an artist with our kids (and yours too) and then create! Good stuff, right? The series has been kicked off by the creators, you can see Melissa's art for kids post here and Jane's here.




Here's a line up of what's to come ::


I'll be sharing something cool with you next month when my turn rolls around. It involves rocks. Mysterious, no?

Have a great day~~




2 thoughts on “the backyard art camp series

  1. This is awesome! What a great idea for everyone, kiddos and artists. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the masterpieces and all the smiles.


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