csa share :: week 6 (+ some other kitchen bits)

csa share :: week 6 (+ some other kitchen bits)


Week 6 share from our farm included::

    2 heads lettuce                                            1 head cabbage

    2 zephyr squash                                            1 costata

    5 zucchini                                                    3 summer squash

    8 cucumbers                                                2 peppers

    1 bundle thyme                                           new potatoes

    baby onions                                                1 bunch kale

    a few broccoli cuttings                                1 bundle par-cel

    3 eggplant (oriental + italian)


csa share :: week 6 (+ some other kitchen bits)


csa share :: week 6 (+ some other kitchen bits)


csa share :: week 6 (+ some other kitchen bits)


It has been *such* a hot and muggy summer here. I'm so impressed at the bounty we keep bringing home from the farm. Tomatoes should be in any day now too! I'm going to ask about buying extras they have to get some sauce and salsa canned.

This week we've eaten lots of grilled veggies with a little olive oil + salt & pepper. Last night we had grilled eggplant, tomato & mozzarella cheese sandwiches….. they were amazing! This morning I made a salad (for lunch) with leftover grilled veggies (zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant, mushrooms), mozzarella cheese cubed, a splash of italian dressing & olive oil, kidney beans & artichoke hearts. I'm back to making lunch for Joe…. so I always try to think of that the night before at dinner. Leftover grilled veggies make awesome pizza toppings too. So. Good.

With all those cucumbers we're on our second batch of fridge pickles! They are so darn tasty. I really should put some up for the winter…. but the chilled variety really are our favorite anyway. (last week's csa post had lots of zucchini ideas!)


csa share :: week 6 (+ some other kitchen bits)


csa share :: week 6 (+ some other kitchen bits)


csa share :: week 6 (+ some other kitchen bits)


csa share :: week 6 (+ some other kitchen bits)


In other kitchen news…. I got those berries taken care of. Two quadruple batches of jam (6 half pints & 12 pints) and three quarts frozen. Oh what a hot day in the kitchen! Jade also made a seriously kick butt blueberry pie. Which we devoured with ice cream before we thought of taking a picture. I guess she'll just have to make another one. I used Pomona's pectin for the first time and I loved it. The jam set up perfectly, even with a quadruple batch (which is one box of Pomona's) and it uses a fraction of the sugar. I'd like to find some local honey for my next batch. Maybe at the Farmer's Market this weekend?

Last of all…. the Cicadas are buzzing outside warning me of the hot day ahead of us. We'll be making popsicles and finding some shade. Heat index of 104 will be darn toasty. I guess I'll be turning the chick light off this afternoon!

Stay cool guys.




14 thoughts on “csa share :: week 6 (+ some other kitchen bits)

  1. Lovely CSA food! I have to say we are getting sick of zukes. Then I made a no-noodle zucchini lasagna the other day and loved it! So, I guess that says something (and that something might be about how lots of cheese makes anything good.). It’s so darn hot, I am terribly impressed you made jam! Wow! When our eggplant starts coming in, i’m going to make those sandwiches! I’ve already made your margarita except I used frozen blueberries. Yum! So good! Keep the recipes coming, I am lost without you.


  2. Look at all the jam goodness 🙂 I used Pomona’s for the first time this year too, loved it. I made a batch of raspberry jam with honey…so darn good.
    Enjoy all the veggie goodness.


  3. You might like the recipe I used this week for strawberry rhubarb fruit spread…..I am going to try freezing it.
    3 cups strawberries
    2 cups rhubarb
    2 Tablespoons chia seeds
    2 Tablespoons (or more) honey
    Put in blender….then refrigerate overnight….the chia seeds expand and thicken the fruit. :). It is delightful!


  4. You can add them to hummus! Who knew? And my little guy gobbled it up! I'm going to try zucchini pasta this weekend. When I can again, I'm also going to slice and blanch some for freezing. It's so good with pasta and greens in the winter or tossed into soups. Frittata too! Blueberries?!?! So good….. definitely trying that this weekend!


  5. Awww…. thanks KC 🙂 Yes to blue fingers. And a beautiful purple hued wooden spoon. I actually love letting my spoons get dyed by the berries…. it always fades away, but so fun during berry season!


  6. I know, right? So good!! I'm hoping the 90+ weather cools a bit by Sunday so we can head out for a morning of picking again. Gotta get them while they're in season!


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