peep, peep, peep……

peep, peep, peep.....


peep, peep, peep.....


peep, peep, peep.....


peep, peep, peep.....


peep, peep, peep.....


Yesterday went like this:

First thing in the morning I checked the status of the chick package and started jam prep.

After digging through several boxes I realized I had no idea where my jar lifter was, kind of helpful for moving hot jars of jam. So the kitchen was left in mid jam prep mess and we went out to find a jar lifter. Two stores later we had it and a six pack of half gallon jars. (very excited to find those for tea making!) We stopped by the post office and they told us their next delivery would be at 1 pm.

Home we went. One batch of jam was made.

At one o'clock, the phone rang and we were asked to pick up our babies! The post office woman was nearly as excited as the kids when we picked them up, we even opened them up so she could take a peek…. and a picture of them.

Home to get the babies settled and monitor their heating. Such a contrast between last time! We actually had to pull the heat lamp out and use a high watt regular bulb to keep the temp between 90-95. The house is just so hot right now! A rock with a temp sticker on it works like a charm!

After the babies were settled, another batch of jam was made and 3 quarts of berries were frozen. Oh it was a hot day in the kitchen!

Before the eight little chicks arrived, Luke insisted the flock be his. He told me he needed his own pet(s). Of course he also asked me to share them so he would do a good job. We have one that is not doing well, and I'm pretty sure it was the silver Wyandotte he had his heart set on naming Moonlight. Such is life with baby chicks though. The kids are handling it just fine. Luke assured me seven chickens was enough, and that he would pick a pretty place to bury her. He also said he could name a different chicken Moonlight, and it would be fine. He's taking this pet ownership thing quite seriously.

The little chicken man was checking in on his flock first thing this morning too. He said to me…. you know mama, I kinda like the way they smell. It's just…. sorta good smelling. I have to agree with him. They smell like babies. I imagine by the end of next week he (and I) will not so much love their smell, but for now he is all wrapped up in the newness of his own babies.




22 thoughts on “peep, peep, peep……

  1. How exciting for the arrival of your baby chicks! Did you check to see if the one not doing so well had “pasty butt?” Some baby chicks get their poop stuck on their hineys so every time they poop it doesn’t come out and eventually they get sick and if not remedied they die. If it’s still with you check that. If it is that, just clean her off with warm wet cotton balls. This is what happened to one of my baby ducklings but I discovered it right away.
    Have fun with your babies! Your son sounds so cute πŸ™‚


  2. I checked them all 😦 She was lying down in the box when they arrived. She doesn't peck at the water on her own and she can't stand or walk. She just arches her back and tips over. Poor little thing. We've been dipping her beak in water to make sure she is getting it…. but she doesn't seem to be improving. The others are doing fabulous though!


  3. I had prepared the kids for it… we lost one last time we had chickens too. He took it really well. They're sad of course, but they have such "it's okay, it's just nature" point of view too.


  4. Oh I so remember those days. The kitchen would be so hot by the end of the day and I would be so satisfied looking at all my pretty sealed jars. Thank you Luke, you brought back an awesome memory. As soon as I read he likes the smell, that smell came into my head. Can’t wait till next year when my new babies get here. Love ya all


  5. We’ve enjoyed picking out different breeds of chickens and we’re so excited to have brown, blue & green eggs this fall. You are right about that feeling of being satisfied. It’s hard work but blueberry jam in december is worth every bit of it! xo~


  6. Could it get any better than that. Making your own jam and bringing animals into your home. A 5 star homesteading day! πŸ™‚


  7. So true! And I met a woman at the library yesterday that referred me to a bee keeping class nearby. Perhaps next spring we'll be ready for a hive! So exciting πŸ™‚


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