a sneak peek…..

a sneak peek.....


a sneak peek.....


a sneak peek.....


I have the sewing nook all set up. It overlooks the woods and backyard. Such a sweet little space to escape with pandora singing away as I sew. Best of all…. everything can stay out that I'm working on. I only have to clean up when we have guests coming. I guess this makes it a shared studio space…. but still!?! I'm feeling pretty grateful for the abundance of space in this new home of ours.

The Quilt!

It's coming along. Since I took the photos above, I have sewn a strip of solid grey between the sets of two panels. The pattern is here. I picked it up at a sweet little fabric shop in Lafayette just before we moved north. The fabric I used is all collected bits of treasures from my stash. I bought half yards of Anna Maria Horner's Good Folks forever ago when it was in print and have since been waiting for the perfect project. I joked with my girl that I could make good money selling it on etsy. Collectible! But really, that's just no fun. As I was sewing up strips of this in New York….. while all my fabric was boxed up in Louisiana…. I suddenly remembered my mermaid collection. So the last few strips had to wait until we were unpacked in the new house so I could pull a few bits from my stash to add here and there. It's certainly a busy quilt…… but my big girl loves it. And truly, this mama does too. It's coming along in little bits. Slowly but surely getting closer to being done. And yes, there is one skinny strip. No, that is not part of the pattern. A little improv. (aka ~ mistake gone well) More about that another time….


I've got a pile of links for your weekend we exploring! Very handy if it's drizzling at your house too…..

~ Possibly the best thing I've read about the importance of a good old fashioned summer for kids.

~ Gennine. Always.

~ me. rambling about what's for dinner and other random bits. on facebook. want to join us?

~ make fairy wands. because they're awesome.

~ motivation for finishing the current quilt pattern? having already bought the pattern for the next one…. (made with the newest line from Jen of monaluna : raaga ~ I am in love with it, the elephants. gah!!)

~ bubble

~ I ordered one of these before they are all gone (almost!)


plus these from the archives:: 

you know, in case it's sunny at your house. of course, they're good when it's drizzly too…. 

gotta have salt :)


~mango mint margaritas (your welcome)


Happy Weekending to you~




16 thoughts on “a sneak peek…..

  1. when i saw these photos on flickr, i first thought i was looking at one of my own pictures…not that i’ve made a pattern like this, or anything, but those are totally my kind of fabrics. that quilt is going to be gorgeous!


  2. You are so right!! Didn't you have an epic collection of granny squares (crochet) you made into a blanket forever ago? Like years ago? I remember *loving* it šŸ™‚


  3. Thank you. It's the most intricate quilt I have made so far. I am so excited to get the top finished up. Then on to the quilting! I thought your fairy wands were so sweet I just had to share them with everyone šŸ™‚


  4. Your quilt is going to be fabulous! I sure wish I had the patience and talent to sew. I tried and tried and tried years ago, but to no avail. It was more frustrating than anything. I suppose everyone has their creative gift, and sewing is definitely yours! Sounds like you are really loving your new home šŸ™‚


  5. Thought I would add a new thread I have been using for quilting that is very, very inexpensive. It is called Metro Thread. It is awesome for machine quilting and I can do light or, my favorite, heavy quilting. I think you would really like it. 40 weight, and if buying separate and not buy lots is 2.75 for 5500 yards. They ship fast. Best of all hardly any lint. A friend of mine who does professional quilting for people told me about it. Love you


  6. Awesome! Thank you. I do notice the thread I have is super linty. Good… I love it…. but so much lint!! You have to email me plans for the table too….. gotta start bugging Joe to build me one šŸ™‚ I need more cutting space!!


  7. send me your email address. I will send you plans for the table the first of the week. We are heading out to the lake with the boat this weekend. Love you


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