csa share :: week 5

csa share :: week 5


csa share :: week 5


csa share :: week 5


This Weeks Share::




Scallions (2 bunches)

3 cucumbers

3 lettuce heads

1 beautiful pepper

3 eggplant

1 bunch kale

1 red cabbage

1 bunch swiss chard

pac choi (and a bonus one, can't remember what type)

1 bag of beets

6 zucchini (summer squash, zucchini, zephyr + costata)

bonus! second cutting of broccoli


My goal this week is to get everything eaten up by Sunday so I can have an empty fridge for pickup next week. While my people are getting wary of cabbage, they love zucchini. Which is so good because on Monday there were ten in the fridge. We've eaten them nearly every day this week in some form…. muffins + stir fry + fritters.

My favorite farm food this week was getting up early to make the guy breakfast on Tuesday. Sautéed choi+dandelion greens with a fried egg. So. Good.

a few things that look delicious, from me and other places too (*on the menu for this weekend):

*zucchini & chocolate

grandma's zucchini stew (this freezes really well!)

*mama ghannouj (with naan, of course)

curry veggie kabobs


In other news….. I meant to get this post to you yesterday….. but was distracted by quilting and too many errands. The good news is that I have everything we need for the arrival of baby chicks next week (!!!) and I invited a mom and her daughter from Sophie's writing class to the house for lunch next week. {my mom is going to read that part and think, oh I'm so proud of her…. she's knows my introvert ways….} I'll slip in tomorrow to show you a sneak peek of the quilt progress and a give a list of link love to wander through….

See you then…




ps – keep those book ideas coming! I'm in the process to replying to you all but seriously, you rock! thank you!


14 thoughts on “csa share :: week 5

  1. Did I spot you (and your daughter, perhaps) at the herbal class at the library last night? It would have been nice to introduce myself, but the crowd was much larger than I anticipated. Not complaining though! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed yourself 🙂


  2. You did! I just sent you a message through your etsy shop. I didn't realize it was you until we were on the way home and it all clicked.
    The class was fantastic! We had such a good time and came away with a reignited love for herbs. My daughter is really interested in an apprenticeship and learning more, so thank you! Hopefully we bump into each other again….. and I'm hoping you offer more classes in the future too 🙂


  3. Make kraut with the cabbage! Just add a T or 2T of salt and massage til it’s good. One of our fave breakfast meals is kraut, sauteed greens, cut up avocado, and a fried egg on top. Sooo good and my girl gets some good greens first thing in the morning since she loves eggs and I smoosh the egg up in all the other goodness:)


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