csa share :: week 4

csa share ~ week 4


csa share ~ week 4


csa share ~ week 4


csa share ~ week 4


csa share ~ week 4


csa share ~ week 4


I don't really want to show up here and complain about the weather….. but guess what? It always rains on Monday. So it's been crazy super challenging to get a decent photo of the gorgeous veggies I'm bringing home from the farm. And while we're on the subject of weather….. is it hot at your house? It's definitely a little warm here. And getting warmer over the weekend….. hello spring rolls and iced coffee. I'm not complaining though. Really. I love the excuse not to vacuum or cook. I'll skip central air any day to avoid housework. It's. Just. Too. Hot. Oh darn.


This week's share included::

2 bunches scallions

1 bunch swiss chard

1 bunch kale

1 punch parsley

1 bunch sage

2 zucchini

2 summer squash

1 zephyr squash

1 HUGE bag of snap peas + 1 small bag of snap peas

1 chinese cabbage

3 kohlrabi

1 green cabbage

1 bunch of beets with greens

1 bag lettuce mix

2 heads lettuce

1 bunch rainbow pac choi

4 cucumbers


Wow, right? The kid's favorite so far, hands down, have been those snap peas. So good. They are quickly devoured each week. Cabbage keeps so well that I sort of forgot to use it all last week and now I have about four of them in my fridge. Oops. No worries though…. I went to my very favorite food blog and searched for cabbage. What can I say, Deb never lets me down. This slaw and these pancakes are totally on the list for this weekend. I have made everything in that slaw post before and it's all amazing. Also I want to eat these tacos and this torte because I may have spent a little time perusing her archives today. Ahem. C'mon…. it was so hot this afternoon.

Back to our kitchen… we made zucchini stew tonight. And by we I mean that I (after finally giving in and vacuuming) sat on the porch and enjoyed a beer while the guy roasted zuke slices over charcoal. I know… I'm spoiled. But I did get up before 6 am and send him off on his first day back to work with a pretty nice lunch. So I think we're even. Maybe.

Last but not least…. Luke picks out the craziest veggies in the box at the farm. Epic huge squash and smiley faced cukes are totally it when you're six. Food + Humor. I think he's onto something…. He'd also like you to know the cuke can double as a fabulous "mustachio."

That's it for now folks…. hoping you all (in the US) have a wonderful holiday tomorrow.

I'll be back here on Friday for some link love and to announce the giveaway winner.

eat local & be merry,




12 thoughts on “csa share :: week 4

  1. I was just thinking about your iced coffee recipe the other day and thinking I should try and find it again… thanks for the reminder!
    What a fantastic bounty of veggie goodness!


  2. Your coffee is obscene! I just made it with almond ice cream flavored cappuccino. Omgoodness, I don’t think I’m going to sleep for days….thanks for sharing, what a treat;)


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