ten things that make me smile right now….

ten things that make me smile right now....


ten things that make me smile right now....


ten things that make me smile right now....


1. an apartment suite that is clean and ready for guests, done in mostly hodge-podge miner family style. which is my very favorite way of doing things. it still needs fresh paint, but who has time to look at that when the outside is so green and pretty.

2. unpacking the craft supply box to dig out a fresh journal in preparation for this class. it's just what my heart needs right now.

3. a tiny bit of sun today…… such a great break from the rain we've been having. (8 inches already this month! it's pretty soggy here…..)

4. lots of salads this week from our first csa share. so. very. good.

5. simple sweet fox buttons. swoon~

6. just 4 weeks until we pick up a box of eight little peeps.

7. picking up the notebook and pen after a very, very long break. like visiting an old friend.

8. a sweet call from my cousin…. just to check in on us.

9. a daddy playing mario cart (on a hand-me-down game system) with his kids. because sometimes the hippy mama has to compromise. and you know what? it's all good.

10. this and this are on the menu for next week. hopefully with some local strawberries. so yummy~


Tell me……. what's making you smile in your little part of the world?

Also, who knows what the heck to do with kohlrabi?


Happy Weekending~




23 thoughts on “ten things that make me smile right now….

  1. Oh just eat it fresh…it’s delicious just as it is! (cut into slices or rounds…) Or it’s also very good in a slaw with other crunchy fresh flavours and a bit of garlic…if it lasts long enough for you to do that!


  2. Kohlrabi, is wonderful just cut into slices, or shredded into salads or soups, yum! So happy to read you wonderful, you have been in our prayers!


  3. Another great way to do kohlrabi is roasted. It is delicious. Peel off the tough outside… slice into “fries”, drizzle olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper and roast until done.


  4. Things that are making me smile are:
    Seeing you back in this space, enjoying a cleanse with several friends, super sunshine summer so far here in Alaska, and knowing in a week and a half when this cleanse is finished I might try those yummy looking brownies, oh and signing up for “A Creative Journey into Nature & Self”. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful things. Love you! xoxo


  5. Kohlrabi – ack! Some people swear by it in sales and salads, but somehow we’ve never taken to it. When we had a CSA share way back when, we always put it on the trade table. 😉


  6. kohlrabi… cut into sticks and eat raw. yum!
    LOVE your guest space… looks so cozy.
    so happy to see you back in YOUR space.
    take care and happy weekending 🙂


  7. such a cute little guest space.
    kohlrabi- raw with hummus, cut up in stir fry.
    the rhubarb compote is awesome. i made it several weeks ago (we are in dc so rhubarb was in its height a bit ago). i topped my oatmeal with it. also, made a rhubarb mojito with it. yum;)


  8. It is! I hope to have a good garden in a few years….. but until then I am so grateful to support a local one. And they are so sweet too! I love going out to pick up my share 🙂


  9. I’m still really in awe about having a guest suite….. it’s something we always dreamed of. It gets the most light in the whole house! Such a lovely place for visitors 🙂


  10. Doesn’t it look like a wonderful class? I’m heading to read the first lesson/email today. Looking forward to documenting this new space we’re in. And I’m looking forward to the cleanse next month! I’m all ready for it. And it’s perfect that we’ll be getting these huge leafy green veggie shares from the farm too! xoxo~


  11. Thank you 🙂 We tried setting it up so the seating looked out over the woods. The space gets wonderful light! Speaking of light your pictures are full of it…. beautiful!


  12. I forgot to mention… next time you might try doing all the stuff the same, but take the kohlrabi out 5 minutes before you want it to be done, sprinkle with fresh grated parmesan, and put back in… oh brother – so good!


  13. You are so awesome. I just did a little blog catch-up and I feel so calm now. I love, love, love kohlrabi but it’s one of those vegetable I looked at crossed-eyed the first time it came in our csa box. Now, we peel it and slice it, toss with olive oil and salt and pepper and roast it and then gobble it all up as soon as possible. It’s one of the first things we eat. Yum!


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