this is it……

The weekend was super full of good times with my cousin and we explored some great little shops in Providence. I'm still kind of blown away that I can buy scallops at the farmer's market. Of course, I didn't this trip because I'm waiting for a certain somebody to get here. We're down to about 11 days. It's really been a long couple of weeks.

And speaking of full things…. the hard drive on my computer is also full. Which means there are about a zillion pictures on there that I need to take off and put onto an external hard drive. Does anyone else loathe this process? I do. I really, really do.

But unless you're all okay with this becoming a words only blog, it's got to be done. 

I wish I had something else to tell you. Something exciting. But this is it.

Wait, I didn't show you the little kids room. Hold on….

Here are a few photos of the process. 


this is it......


this is it......


this is it......


this is it......


this is it......


this is it......


Fresh paint is so good, right? And Painting the ceiling is always worth the extra effort. Lucky for me they agreed the green was just as good as the dark blue they originally wanted. Phew~

Luke & Sophie are sharing a room for the time being. I imagine this will be short lived…. but it works really well for us now. The lamps, chair, curtains, and small bedside dresser were all left at the house. As I clear space I find at least three things to give away for each item we keep….. but I'm still grateful for the useful stuff. (especially the old stoneware bowls in mint condition…. that's another blog post!) The bedding is Ikea…. purchased in a overstimulated-rat-in-a-maze-with-too-much-fluorescent-lighting kind of moment. That place is intense. I can only handle it once every few years.

So…. do have any artwork suggestions? I was thinking of these. Or something like them. I love the look of something strung up on the wall like that……. if I could only find the alphabet in the form of mythical beasts and vikings. That would be so perfect for the little guy. I'm also considering one of those paper star lamps hung from the ceiling. Have you seen them?

Okay, I guess that really is it now.

I'll be back tomorrow with some outdoor adventure photos….. so long as this taking pictures off the computer thing goes well.

See you then~




19 thoughts on “this is it……

  1. We have a clothes line in the play room with wooden laundry clips that the kids’ art gets hung from and changed out weekly – its a fun way to display, and change it up often!


  2. Our nice, small Ikea in Ottawa became an Ikea nightmare when they expanded. I thought, “police who work on missing persons cases should come here…I bet there are people who wander around here for YEARS with NO idea of how to get out”…it was overwhelming and I can’t imagine going back.
    Love the dark wood window frames and door! Great green, too.


  3. You’re super-crafty and artistic – is there any reason you and Luke couldn’t make your own? I’ll bet it would have a ton of meaning for him to be involved in a project like that and then have it displayed on the wall, and of course you could turn it into an educational experience. Find a variety of brightly colored cardstocks that you like, cut them to squares and then glue or paint pictures on them. You could also look for old books at Goodwill to cut up and glue on them. Or find some cute ones that are already done and glue viking hats on the people just for giggles.


  4. Absolutely. We went there for mattresses….. and it took f-o-r-e-v-e-r.
    Completely overwhelming.
    Reminded me exactly why I am more of a small thrift store girl….. uff-da.
    I love all the wood too….. they never painted any of the trim! So awesome 🙂


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