a little friday link love

beginning to feel like home......

 Treasures in my window, a little sneak peek of the sunroom that is now mostly unpacked.


I thought I'd pop in for a little Friday link love::

Have you seen this e-course for summer fun ideas with your kiddos? It looks wonderful. Super great line-up of contributors. I signed us up for both classes here.

Rachel made the cutest sunhat. And she shared the pattern too! Perfect for tiny precious bits in your stash.

On Etsy : succulent plants + seed bombs + green. So fun, right?

Thinking that the fresh sunroom space could use some of these. Aren't they lovely?

Yum. (sub tempeh for vegetarians!)

YOU are fabulous. Just saying.

What have you read or seen or cooked or made that's been good lately? Do share….

Have a great weekend~




ps ~ congrats to Kim who won the giveaway for a spot in Heather's 30 Day Vegan class with me. This weekend is your last chance to sign up. Hope to see you in class!


14 thoughts on “a little friday link love

  1. I just love stopping by here. What a beautiful space you’ve created for so many of us to enjoy and feel a measure of peace. I just wanted to say thank you, as I tend to be more on the quiet end of commenting.
    And looking forward to seeing you at Heather’s class, too!


  2. Is this windowsill your ode to Alaska!?!?! Love your blog–it is my daily escape from the rainy Cordova springtime. So happy to see your fabulous new digs!


  3. I love the glass balls and stones. Reminds me of when I lived in Washington state my sister and I would look for glass balls whenever we were at the ocean.
    p.s. I have my ducklings! I put a couple photos on my blog πŸ™‚


  4. Thank you for taking the time say hello! I am always very humbled by compliments about this space here…. it’s nice to know that people enjoy popping in and pull something good from what I do here πŸ™‚
    Did you read through the recipes for the first week? Amazing, right!?
    See you there……


  5. It sort of is! The sunroom has deep window sills and I lined them with shore found treasures. Glass balls (all gifted), stones, shells, small bits of driftwood. The glass balls with the sun shining through them is just so perfect…… {love it}
    On another note, hopefully the first Red Salmon dinner will make up for some of that rain. I told my mom I would trade her sunshine & blueberries for fish (aka I want her to come visit later this summer!)


  6. These are all Alaskan found, all gifted to me. I do dream of finding one of my own someday…… they are so beautiful! I kind of collect them, I guess πŸ™‚
    And the ducklings?!?! Oh my goodness they are beyond cute! I am so looking forward to to our little chicks arriving in July!


  7. I really want to make one of those sunhats for my little guy…… with some tiny bits of Heather Ross gnomes + mushrooms I still have in my stash. It would be so cute!
    And the grandma just made me smile *SO* much! Love it.


  8. Hi, thanks so much for offering us all the a chance to join you on 30 day vegan. Had a huge think about it and decided to join as just had to do it so very excited. Thanks again Keren


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