to all the mamas…..

to the mama's


I can't even really put into words how much I love this picture. That's me on my second birthday….. and that is my mama….. a decade younger than I am right now. If love could be captured on film, it was here. That smile on her face…… it just gets me all choked up. 

Wishing all you hard working mama's a very lovely day. Hopefully filled with some handmade cards and gifts that make you smile…. our a phone call with a mama you love that fills your heart up a bit.

Love you Mom!! 




6 thoughts on “to all the mamas…..

  1. wow, that looks like a little Luke!!!! I had no idea. Ivan couldn’t believe it either!
    I hope you have a great mothers day! my mom + sisters + Ivan’s sister are coming over for black bean burgers tonite. should be fun! I’m making your tea, too!
    miss you guys. the kitchen looks amazing, too! I’m so happy for you!!! and mismatched stools will be awesome!


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