some crafty little bits…..

we’re nursing the sniffles here today….

the little guy has had a cough that will just not be kicked….

and since he sleeps about two inches from his mama’s face, 

you know who got it next.

yep. me.

i’m hoping that a whole lot of water, tea and emergenc will get rid of it.

that and hitting the hay as soon as it’s dark tonight….

the house bits are falling together and we’re waiting on one last piece of paperwork for the closing

fingers crossed everything gets done in time for monday


oh my.

mostly though, i just wanted to show you some quilt pieces i’ve been working on…. (for the big girl)

and my sweater….

it’s soooo close, seems to be a theme with life this week

so close…..


some crafty little bits.....


some crafty little bits.....


some crafty little bits.....


i’ll be back on friday with some really exciting news…. and something to share with you.




ps ~ seems to be some odd ongoings with the photos…. some of you can see them and some not…. hopefully it’s a flickr glitch and you can see them later, thanks for letting me know! so sorry…. but if you go over to flickr you should be able to view them!

22 thoughts on “some crafty little bits…..

  1. Sadly your photos are not visible! But I bet your sweater and quilt are beautiful.
    I hope you and your little one feel better soon. Have you ever used a Neti Pot? I use mine a few times a week, especially during cold and flu season. Since it takes 2-3 days for a virus to manifest itself once you are exposed, if you flush it out of your nasal passages before it has a chance to kick in, you most likely won’t get sick. I have been around a lot of sickness this year but haven’t gotten sick yet.
    So exciting about your house!! It seems like you just got settled into your temporary apartment, and now it’s nearly time to move on. Yay!!


  2. Oh, the suspense…your photos didn’t load! Will check back to see your work, though. What a busy month you’ve had! You’ll need a month of rest once you’re finally settled in! I love that feeling of new beginnings when you move house, placing things deliberately and vowing to avoid clutter…haha!


  3. Oh darn….. I think I've got it fixed. Flickr is finicky sometimes! I hope you can see them now! I am so looking forward to getting settled in the new place. So exciting!!


  4. How strange? They loaded for me….. I tried redoing them, hopefully they’ll work now! I have used a netipot…. amazing for allergies! I haven’t thought of using it regularly, such a good idea! We are so excited to be heading to the new house….. the last few months have been so very busy. I’m looking forward to taking our time as we get settled in…


  5. I am in love with jade’s quilt! I love her fabrics + they look so good together. can’t wait to see how it comes together. are you following a pattern?
    we all have the sniffles here. olive started on Saturday, she’s fine now. Jo + ani got it + now me. it’s pouring down rain today – so a fitting day to lay around.
    loved your food post from the other day. your pictures look so good. looks like you’ve gotten the hang of your camera. and of course the food looked delicious!
    cant wait till monday!!! xo, a


  6. Love, love, love the quilt fabric! Can you share who makes it? My fingers are crossed for you that everything is ready by Monday.


  7. Hello, love your beautiful jersey, please let us know what pattern you are using
    good luck with all the exciting plans, thanks so much


  8. It's the scout quilt! I had to improv a little….. of course….. but I think it's going to be so awesome + easy! I hope to finished the top and start quilting it by the end of May. *fingers crossed* So bummed you guys are sick too….. it's no fun. Hope you are all well soon….. and yes…. MONDAY!!! I really can't wait 🙂


  9. Thank you. Waiting on the last bits of everything to go through today. I feel like I'm holding my breath! The fabric is Good Folks by Anna Maria Horner. I've had it in my stash forever, just waiting for the right project to come along…… it is gorgeous isn't it? She is an amazing designer…… love her color choices!


  10. Lovely lovely quilt pieces! I’m also very excited to see it all together!
    I know the sick cuddling child in your face. It seems like he has gotten sick every other week this winter…can’t wait for this dang cold spell to be over until fall!
    Good luck with one final packing before the big move. Monday! Already! How wonderful! hugs to you all!


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