mostly about paint…..

I'm typing this up from the laundry mat down the street from our apartment.

While I do miss the ease of tossing a load of wash into my own washer, it's kind of nice to get things all done at once. Four loads of laundry in under two hours isn't so bad. Add free wifi, tea, and quiet….. it even sounds downright good.

I loved reading through your comments on the last post about leaving. It's taken me years to sift through my feelings about this…. and so many moves. I always hope to encourage my children to walk this journey with an open heart. Even though it is so hard sometimes. Of course, letters to friends and skype playdates to look forward to soothe a hurting heart a little. That and planning a treefort in the new yard if you're little or planning paint and decorating ideas if you're big (and getting your very long awaited and dreamed about own room, ahem.)

We're getting through this in between time. Each day is closer to the excitement of the new house, and to Joe finally making his way home to us. Yes… we're getting there…..

I have no internet at my apartment. So I've not been wandering the internet space as much as usual. When I do have a pocket of time it is usually taken up with corresponding to loved ones and filling out loan paperwork of some sort or another. My goodness, it does take an awful lot of signatures to purchase a home. 17 days until closing!! (that was said in a squealing excited tone, in case you were wondering)

I have been looking a little at some house ideas. Mostly painting right now. We've got a few paint jobs to do when we move in. Number one being the wood paneling in the den/living room area. It has a beautiful brick fireplace with built in bookshelves on each side. I'm hoping to stick with colonial colors…. this is mostly Joe's idea in truth (he's very creative, you know), but I love it. Do you have any suggestions? I found two links to colonial colors on pinterest…. I also somehow got distracted and stumbled onto this studio. Wow, right? But back to paint…. take a peek at these:






These are both old colonial interior colors. I'm pretty smitten with the hues. For the fireplace room I'm looking for something warm + cozy + not too dark. What do you love??

I've been adding ideas to my homestead pinterest board for months and months and I am surprised to see many of them are things we can do and create in the next house. It's really like a bit of a dream coming true for us. I'm still holding my breath a bit, it seems a little too good. But we're getting closer to having keys in hand…. which will most definitely result in me crying happy tears. Because, that's just the way I am. Here I go getting off the the subject again….. I'm trying to write about paint, paint

Tell me what you love….. tell me the colors that make you smile in your own homes.

Happy, happy friday to you~




14 thoughts on “mostly about paint…..

  1. I’m really bad at looking at paint strips and then deciding on a color. I actually have to see a room all painted before I can decide! But with that said, I love warm tones, but I also have to have lots of natural light to offset the warmth. The house I’m in right now is temporary, and has been for 13 years! I say temporary because I would never in my right mind buy a 28 x 40 mobile home. But I did because I loved the location and my land, besides, it’s temporary until I can afford to replace it with the home of my dreams.
    I thought that would have happened by now, but I suppose raising 2 children alone means only one income which is devoted to all that life entails.
    My dream home will have pine beadboard wainscoting as well as beadboard above the wainscoting so I can paint it which ever color I want. I don’t want sheetrock because it’s harder to hang and re-hang photos, plus I love wood!
    I can’t wait to see what you do to your new home! Hang in there, time has a way of going too fast!


  2. OOHHH How exciting!! This is my area of expertise!! I usually ask myself a few questions before picking out paint. Is the room dark? Does it get a lot of natural sunlight? And also.. is the fireplace a red brick? Usually the fireplace is the focal point to each room so you don’t want to take away from it. But enhancing it is always good. If the room doesn’t get a lot of sunlight.. I think a darker color would make it feel a bit dreary. I always like inbetween colors if the room only gets a bit of natural light.. which would be the Rittenhouse Green. Which would probably go pretty well with a red brick fireplace. I would maybe even throw a bit of off white in there to lighten it up a bit. Now..also something to think about.. an accent wall!!! Id go a light color on the walls and then a dark color on 1 wall. I wish I knew what the room looked like. Im very curious lol. Are there dark wood accents? Maybe im over thinking this!! LOL.


  3. In our home built in 1897, we used BM’s Revere Pewter, which I loved and never tired of. We had original dark wood throughout our first floor, so I went with a warm cream. Name escapes me now, but it really helped keep the wood from overwhelming everything. Have fun! I LOVE choosing paint colors!


  4. Oh I love that Cupboard Blue! It would be such a lovely kitchen or even master bedroom color.
    We just found out today we are moving too, our second cross country move in 6 months. This will be our last though, we are finally planting our feet put and going to put down roots! Of course we will be renting for a year or two but to know where “home” is going to be, oh that’s a good feeling.


  5. It's so hard to imagine a room when all you have is a tiny paint chip right? I totally agree. I really am loving the green hues….. the more I look, the more I think that is the right color for the room. And maybe a cream for the back of the bookshelves? We'll see. I alway have a tremendous amount of admiration for single moms! I know it is no easy task. I was one myself for a year before I met my husband and it was hard work. Your dream home sounds wonderful! It will be well worth the wait, like all good things, right? And after having painted paneling in our last house, I so agree on the sturdiness of it! So much tougher and more versatile than sheetrock!


  6. You are so very funny! I'll share a photo when we get there the first of the month. The wood is medium brown and the fireplace is chicago brick (red hues). I love the greens too. I think I might do green and then a soft cream for the back of the bookshelves….. it would lighten it up and look so pretty full of books and art pieces πŸ™‚


  7. Pewter = a shade of gray, right? I love soft grays. They can feel warm and cozy if you pick the right hue….. and they look so lovely with artwork! I love choosing paint too…. it's such an inexpensive way to make a place your own πŸ™‚


  8. I love that blue too! I think I want to paint the sunroom blue….. that one would be lovely in there! So good you are putting your feet down and getting ready to plant some roots. I am hoping that we will be doing the same in this next house. Time will tell, I suppose. But a girl can dream, right?


  9. I’ve never had the opportunity to paint anything. But I do love warm coffee/cappuccino colors as well as nice buttery yellows.
    Yeah for getting there! πŸ™‚


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