evening chores on grandpa’s farm…..

We wandered up to the farm last night for evening chores. Feeding babies, collecting eggs, and such. The kids followed their grandpa with bottles in hand to feed the new lambs…..


evening chores on grandpa's farm.....


evening chores on grandpa's farm.....


evening chores on grandpa's farm.....


evening chores on grandpa's farm.....


evening chores on grandpa's farm.....


evening chores on grandpa's farm.....


You see that little goat up there? It climbed into the hay to eat undisturbed. Very clever, don't you think? But those lambs….. they are the sweetest. One followed the big girl out of the shelter and just like the nursery rhyme….. everywhere she went, he followed. Bleating out to her if she got too far ahead. My girls are in love with those little sheep.

Speaking of farm life. While we don't plan to have any four legged farm animals at the new house, I did pre-order eight baby chicks. They are due to arrive in mid July. Plenty of time to get settled and be ready for them. We chose four easter eggers, two laced wing wyandottes, & two welsummers. I'm looking forward to having a flock of laying hens again…..

And of course, dreaming of a garden as I read through this, this, and this

Happy Weekending to you…..




ps ~ I'm over at Natural Suburbia today with an interview and giveaway from the shop. Swing on over to take a peek and enter…..


22 thoughts on “evening chores on grandpa’s farm…..

  1. Great to hear from you, Steph. Looks like all going well. Nice pics as usual. I like the colorful hens you have chosen.
    Wonderful farm environment. Love it!


  2. I am so excited for you. Keeping all of you in my prayers. Yes, I am getting excited cause next year I get to order my baby chicks. YES!!!!!


  3. I didn’t know you were moving close to family! That’s so wonderful for you all! I can see why the kids are in love with the lambs — adorable!


  4. Oh my! Now I want baby lambs to go with my ducklings!! But I can’t, not right now. At least while you’re waiting to go to your new house you have some beautiful surroundings to be in.


  5. My youngest girl really wants a lamb to go with her chicks 🙂 Not right now….. all baby things grow up and I promised her sheep were not quite as sweet and easy to handle as a little lamb…..


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