ice, ice, baby……..

ice,ice, baby.......


our first frost

my southern people get a little crazy at the sign of snow, frost, and dragon breath

isn't this cool mama?

now the collection of items to be brought into the hotel each night include two succulent house plants

things get crazy when you drive seven or eight or ten hours a day

sanity saving measures include:

previously mentioned audiobooks

music, lots of really really good music

a basket of snacks

all four of you trying to learn all the words to ice, ice, baby

all right stop collaborate and listen, ice is back with a brand new invention…….

things are getting silly…. good thing we pull into ny tonight!

19 thoughts on “ice, ice, baby……..

  1. i was 10 when that song came out and i was obsessed! i still remember every word, and some times now when i forget something really important i’ll think to myself, “i couldn’t remember that but yet i can sing ice, ice, baby word-for-word”. i also remember all the words to paula abdul’s cold-hearted snake…and the accompanying dance moves my best friend and i made to go along with it.


  2. I think my body would become fossilized with that many hours behind the wheel! I don’t like to sit for very long, which is why I don’t travel much.
    It was 55 degrees today!! A heat wave, indeed. I worked for a bit in the garden and it felt good to smell the earth and see worms again!
    NY tonight and then “home” tomorrow, right!?


  3. this totally got me laughing! can NOT believe you are in a place where your car has ice! so glad you guys are rockin vanilla ice!
    I googled your blog post for iced tea tonite. so funny – we’re drinking iced tea + you guys have snow! what!?!?
    the tea is my fave. and as expected, I spilt the peppermint extract in one of the jars. I do it every time! but I still love it!
    miss you guys like mad! xoxox forever, a


  4. hilarious! so strange the things that stick in your head. i have the song by whitney houston “the greatest love of all” completely memorized. lol i sing it while watering the garden.


  5. Hurrah for road trips! We are in the middle of a cross country road trip as well. I’m hoping the looney ness won’t last too long tomorrow. We still have 2 more days. Enjoy your trip and be safe!


  6. Yay! So glad the road trip is going well…even if a little looney! I hope the transition continues on a memory-making path!


  7. fossilized indeed….. i will be hitting the yoga mat this week for sure!
    we’ve got a month hanging out with family here in upstate ny before we head to close on the new house. with keys in hand the kids and i will be exploring it for the first time! we are so excited and looking forward to it šŸ™‚


  8. i just think of ani singing to me in joann fabrics that day many moons ago….
    i think it was bust a move? so funny…….
    enjoy that tea! i’ll be thinking of you when i make my first batch of the season….
    also…. after dinner we lit our candle. the apartment smells so good.


  9. first dinner in our little apartment tonight….. finally feel like we’re settling in.
    just four weeks before we head to the new house! somewhere in between now and then we *must* plan a get together šŸ™‚


  10. so funny! I can relate…… I forget things I should remember, but embarrassingly enough I know most of the words to baby’s got back. oh junior high…… it just sticks with me. hah!


  11. Annnd now I have baby got back in my head. Thanks guys!!
    I kinda wonder how songs like ‘Baby got back, ice ice baby, rump shaker’ would do in this day in age. How popular they would be now. I don’t think they would. Kinda sad.
    Glad you made it to NY safe and sound. I cant wait to see pics of your new house when you guys get there and all settled in.


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