road signs

road signs


road signs


road signs


we’re halfway through our adventure

things are going much better on this road trip than the house showings (thank goodness, right?!?!)

all photos courtesy of my sweet co-pilot, who has been making sandwiches, handing out snacks, spinning tunes, playing stories and keeping her cool with squabbling siblings

also, a thank you to my mama, who sent the kiddos early easter gifts. audiobooks y’all! she’s the best. the girls and i are loving little mo in this tale and luke is smitten with these.

just wanted to pop in and say hello!




10 thoughts on “road signs

  1. How exciting! And hopefully you didn’t pack the sweaters and coats. Keep them handy. You’re going to need them once you get up here!
    (I suspect one of my favorite RI Audubon refuges–I worked summer camp and programs there a lifetime ago–is near your new home, as it is just east of Providence in MA. It’s a great area, Stephinie, close to so much. So happy for you!)


  2. The trailer is full of winter boots and clothes. We haven’t had real winter in fours years and you know, 35 degrees is cold!!
    (ohhhh….. we’ll have to chat via email and see if I am close to the area you’re thinking of!)


  3. You and Joe are too funny. Last night Jade said “it’s like Grandma and Dad are hanging onto the back of the car, they always know right where we are!”
    ps ~ the life books are a life saver!


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