$100 grocery challenge ~ week 4

The final week~

Spent this week: $162

avocado, kale, blueberries, tomatoes, plums, sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, apples, spinach, mango, bananas, cukes, peppers, dried apricots, raisins, coffee, taco shells, tortilla wraps, sour cream, salsa, peanut butter, cheddar bunnies, cheese, ground beef, frozen fruit, 3 pizzas

Menu for the week:

breakfast ~ smoothies, granola & kefir, oatmeal, cereal, eggs & toast

lunch ~ leftover dinner 3 days, soup made from leftovers, salad 2 days, sandwiches 1 day

dinner ~  crawfish & potatoes, pizza + salad, black bean soup + salad, tacos, pork chops + sweet potatoes + green beans, salad + leftovers, blta's + salad

The kids had friends over & we had an easy pizza night, plus we celebrated Joe's birthday with our last crawfish feast. Truly an essential spring thing to do in the south…. especially if one is moving in three weeks. We ate smoothies and salads 5 days again…. I guess that's just what works for us.


$100 grocery challenge  ~  week 4


In honesty, this whole project was less than I had hoped for. I over spent and ate out more than I had wanted to…… I wanted to give up half way through because things got so busy here. I didn't get the chance to share as many recipes here as I had hoped for….. but here is what I learned by accident::

Firstly, life is going to do it's thing whether you have a schedule or not…. and what it does might not be on your schedule. When things get crazy, homemade deli sandwiches and meal sized salads are just as easy, far more nutritious, and more affordable than fast food. When you stick with something, it feels darn good. Even if it's not what you had hoped for. And that salad thing, let me tell you this….. Joe and I both feel great. Which is really a huge thing to say because life has been a complete zoo around here. Through keeping track of what we ate for an entire month I am even more convinced that nutrition is key. There are times in the last few weeks that I have dreaded dinner time, we've eaten too many times after 7pm due to to packing and such…. but still gathering to share a meal despite the routine upheaval has been our saving grace.

Who knew all of that would come from trying to save a few dollars?

So tell me, did you make it four weeks? How did it go for you? Do share…..


17 thoughts on “$100 grocery challenge ~ week 4

  1. I think you did an amazing job for how many people you have to feed. I only have four people. I usually spend 120 a week. I do need to get on the big salads thing. I’m always making full meals and it’s very tiring sometimes.


  2. i think you did great. it can be hard when life is so busy to make time to make a homemade meal. they are so much better for you, and yet i find myself ordering pizza once a week, which a bit silly when i make a darn good pizza from scratch all i need to do is start the crust by 4 pm. i have done better this past month, but still i spend more then i want to. i am not sure how to change that, i want us to eat whole organic foods, and the cost money. 😛


  3. I am in awe that you kept it through. I never have quite made it, but have found that planning and watching what we eat is making us healthier. One thing about trimming the budget too is that you find out what you really don’t need or even like very much anyway.
    Hurrah for you!
    Good luck as you get ready for your move.


  4. it does cost more to eat well. while i did want to save some money this month, in the long run i think investing in your health is well worth it. eating good unprocessed food is a small price to pay for a healthy body right?


  5. Have you tried them in a jar? Functional + beautiful. Plus you can bring the dressing separate in a little jar, or put it in the bottom with beans & carrots and just shake the jar up a bit when you eat. No wilted lettuce! {ps ~ life is so busy right now it's humorous…. just gotta keep laughing to get through these next few weeks!}


  6. To be honest, I was so happy to be free of that budget this week. I spent $180 and bought the kids two treats they requested : ice cream + mac & cheese 🙂 We did find that we could do without far more than I expected, and we still ate well. Maybe not as fancy, but well. I'll be glad to afford some maple syrup for granola though!


  7. My husband & I agreed that a big salad night a week (at least) is such an easy meal. We serve it up so everyone can choose their own toppings….. no cooking + very easy. Plus the little ones always like to chop up the toppings!


  8. Your menus are awesome, and whats more, your kids are awesome, because I have 6 kids, and half of them look at salads with great suspicion and don’t like them…I don’t know where they got this from, since I have never met a veggie I didn’t like, and my husband will eat anything but eggplant! Like you, I’m wishing for a Vitamix so that I can at least get the veggies into those three in smoothies…


  9. I very much admire the way you eat. I think you did great! Do the kids eat salads, too? Are you guys cutting anything out these days? I though I remembered you were eliminating eggs. Or dairy? I’m contemplating a gluten-free experiment. Just so darn tired all the time . . .


  10. I have some that are not so happy about all that salad….. but they do eat it. It's frustrating when you have picky eaters…. my youngest girl was such a challenge as a preschooler. I found that frequent mini meals and raw veggies were the ticket for her. She would happily eat raw carrots, baby spinach leaves and cherry tomatoes….. but a leafy salad, nope. Sometimes this mama thing takes a lot of patience and creativity 🙂 And I hope we both can squeeze in a Vitamix this year!


  11. The kids do eat salad….. some of them like it more than than others 😉 We did cut out wheat, dairy, eggs for two months. I did notice an increase in energy and looser fitting pants, but I'm sure it had more to do with the upping our veggie intake than anything else. We are eating dairy, eggs & wheat again….. but in much smaller amounts than before.


  12. I haven’t gone through my budget completely yet, but I cut way back this month. Turns out you can make all kinds of things with the things that are already hanging out in my pantry and freezer! I have been working on salads as well. Last night we had swiss chard for the first time and ever and my kids gobbled it up and asked for more. Success!
    Oh and I just finished reading through your post about all your home improvements and all I can say is wow! You made that house rock! We moved into our house 6 months ago, and I haven’t done much yet. I am so inspired by your work that I have started looking at paint samples, taking down ugly curtains, and I’m finally going to start making this house a home…even if I have to do it all by myself. This is when I wish I knew everyone from the interent in real life…so I could be guided by all you super talented remodeling ladies. Can’t wait to see your next house! Congrats on the sale.


  13. I am impressed with the quality of your food choices (that salad looks delicious!) – I went slightly over budget as well but continue to try to spend and eat mindfully. I think that’s the good part of keeping track… keeps us aware. Good luck with your move!
    P.S. My family moved from San Diego to Southern Rhode Island 8 years ago and we love it here!


  14. Yeah on the chard! We love peach-chard smoothies when peaches are in season. Yum.
    Thank you for the house compliments. It has been a really busy four years. I actually made the man promise we would not take on a project like this again until we thought we’d be staying put for more than four years. I am looking forward to painting and making pillows and refinishing some furniture…… but no more bathroom renovations for awhile…. lol


  15. I splurge on boxed baby spinach for our salad. The kids gobble it up and it lasts so much longer than the bunch style. I’m hoping to curb my salad buying habit with a big garden this fall. We’ll practically be neighbors 🙂 My husband is heading to look at homes next week. I can’t tell you how excited we are to get settled into our new place and be in New England…. I am dreaming of apple & blueberry picking!


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