a little shop talk…..

It would be embarrassing if you saw the stack of fabric boxes I packed up tonight.

This really better be the year of quilts for me because I sure as heck have the fabric to make it happen. My teenage boy will be teasing me about this for a very, very long time. Some how it all looks bigger in brown boxes than folded nice and pretty on a shelf. Ahem. Imagine me sheepishly smiling at the dear husband when he asks if I need it all. Well, of course not. But I love it all.

Speaking of fabric-y goodness…. I’ve got a sale going on in the shop. I’ll be putting a few items on sale each week for the next week or two. Just to pare the shop-goods down to one tote that will get packed for the ride to NY. The three youngest kiddos, two dogs, cat, and I will be heading north to hang out with family while we wait for Joe & Sam to finish things up down here. Two whole months without that guy I love so much. That’s a whole lot of making my own darn coffee. But, back to the shop goodies. I’m discontinuing the big fluffy wool quilts for now, a few spindrift quilts have been marked down (over $20 off!) and my postcard sets are buy one get on free!

Snag yourself a handmade bargain. Your purchase will help fund my dark chocolate and good coffee habit as I drive 1600 miles north with a pet/kid to grown up ratio of 6 to 1. (oh my!) Of course, the big girl isn’t really a “kid” anymore. She’s more like my co-pilot.


a little shop talk


a little shop talk


a little shop talk


a little shop talk


a little shop talk


Speaking of driving with kids….. does anyone have some wonderful audio books to recommend? Suggestions please…. especially something that a mama and big sister can also enjoy.

One last bit of news…. for the last year I have been a part of this group. I can tell you they are an amazing, talented, kind hearted group of crafters. Really, truly. We’ve got a really sweet giveaway on Soulemama’s blog this weekend. Here’s a sneak peek at the spring goodies. Swing by on Saturday to enter.


natural kids spring giveaway


I’m off to pack something else I have too much of. Books. Oh boy….

have a good evening~~




ps ~ i know you’re wondering about that fabric. the answer is ten book boxes full. i know, i know…..but it’s all so pretty…..


8 thoughts on “a little shop talk…..

  1. I was so on top of that sale- I snatched up a quilt early this afternoon. For M.’s ninth birthday 🙂
    Audiobooks! I think that Where the Mountain Meets the Moon would be a great one that everyone could appreciate. It speaks to people of all ages. But did you already read that this summer when we did it for the Book Along? I can’t remember when you joined up… Grace Lin has a second book out in that series now, though, so that could be a good one as well.


  2. Yes you were quick! That unicorn quilt is so lovely….. I'm glad to know where it's going. Grace Lin is wonderful! I wouldn't mind hearing that story again….. my big girl read the second book on her own…. but I did not. So maybe I'll try to find that. Speaking of birthdays…. our girls are closer in age than I thought. Mine will be 11 this fall….. hopefully they can meet one day 🙂 xo~


  3. Oh, my – I had the same conversation with George when we moved last year. Lots and lots of boxes of fabric… I’m not sure how it all fit in the small space I had for it in our old house!
    I have no audiobook recommendations, but I do want to wish you safe travels. xo


  4. My daughter loves Elizabeth Enright’s series that starts with The Saturdays. There are four in that series. She also loved the Penderwick series. There are three in that series.


  5. Not a book, but one time we listened to a tape that was aimed at teaching German to children through songs. We listened once a day on the trip and it became a humorous fun time. Steve could do the best German accent but purposefully sang nonsense and the kids loved it.


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