the last three days…..

the last three days....


the last three days....


the last three days....


the last three days....


the last three days....


have seen…..

the daddy turning thirty-eight

with a giant chocolate peanut butter cake

many burrito lunches made with leftovers mixed with hot rice

topped with greens and rolled up,

easy + good (the ones above are brown rice + this soup)

the beginnings of packing

gratitude for friends who recently moved and gifted us a mountain of pre-loved boxes

the attic held surprises for the kids 

and more than I remembered….

the old rocking horse my dad built when the biggest was just a year old

oh, the places it has seen in the last fifteen years

creative dinners in hopes of using up pantry staples

perhaps a lot of interesting inventive soups

and some knitting

little bits here and there

this project is growing slowly, but growing none the less

and the yarn

oh my, it is the most delicious thing ever



how have you been?


20 thoughts on “the last three days…..

  1. OOOO! That yarn is stunning! Great pattern choice for it.
    Thanks for the fabulous black bean sweet potato soup recipe. I made it today and it was a hit with the entire family! I will definitely do the leftover burrito lunch-yum.
    Best of luck to you with all the packing. Your next adventure will be awesome!!


  2. We have been well! My mom is in town and I have been knitting and sewing up a storm!! We are also trying to be through all the pantry staples and have been having so many bean dishes I can hardly keep up. I had no idea I had stored so many dried beans!


  3. I love the creative “using up the pantry so we don’t have to move it” that always happens before a move. It’s always fun to see what’s tucked back in there.


  4. You could be wildly frazzled and complaining about the chaos and the mess and having to feed everyone in the midst of it. But you’ve made it beautiful with your photos and words, which confirms to me that you’re a blessing to your family. So glad to have “met” you through our blogs!


  5. Yeah, I'm so glad you liked it. My little ones eat bowls full….. and I do think you'll love the leftover wrap recipe. Thank you for the well wishes…. we're in for a very, very busy month ahead. Excitement levels are certainly at an all time high!


  6. They hide in the pantry, I swear! How long until you head out? It looks like I am leaving the end of March with three of the kids, dogs, cat and a trailer full. My husband got an apartment, he can't leave until June….. and our oldest is staying with him to finish school. I'll be solo for at least two months…… lots of late night sewing I think….


  7. You are too sweet, really. And there is certainly a lot of chaos right now. We got the house spotlessly clean yesterday morning and then cluttered it right back up when I emptied the attic…… oh well 🙂 I'm glad to have met you too….. think of how long we've been blog pals!?!


  8. The frosting was a never to be repeated mess that came out well……. I'll be sure to share it in the future when I figure it out a bit more, but the cake recipe is here :  we usually make homemade chocolate whipped cream to go in between the layers. Like this :  Delicious!!


  9. I started my first adult sweater just last week, it’s coming alone nicely. I’m itching for it to be complete so i can put it on.
    Maybe we could get together when your here in NY with our beautiful friend T.A. Miner and have a little stitch and sip time!?
    Good luck on the packing and have very safe travels.


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