~mindful monday~

~mindful monday~

the tiny lemon tree

we planted it just over three years ago

each spring there is such excitement when it blooms

there is nothing, truly nothing like the smell of those tiny lemon scented flowers

sweet. clean. spring

i find myself carefully tucking these simple things into my pocket

memories to savor later…. things to remember

meyer lemons. in my very own yard.

sweet + sour + delicious

which is really a lot like life when you think of it……




mind.ful = conscious or aware of something

Something that speaks to your heart and leaves you feeling beautifully grounded right where you are. If you’d like to share yours…. please leave a link in your comment below for others to discover.


happy monday friends,



15 thoughts on “~mindful monday~

  1. I’m putting this picture on my bulletin board. Just a little something to remind me that even when life is “sweet or sour or delicious” it’s always beautiful! Love you and thank you for helping to make a great start to this new week.


  2. Sweet Husband got me a Meyer lemon the first Christmas we were married. Sadly, the ladies killed it a few summers ago, but I remember the beautiful smell when it blossomed! Maybe I’ll ask for another one next year?


  3. Mmm, meyer lemons. The first time I ever heard about a Meyer lemon was when my neighbor who was a pastry chef brought over a Meyer lemon short bread. There was a Meyer lemon tree here at the house we are renting but two winter of deep freeze have killed it off. So sad.


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