reading……. knitting……

I'm taking a late afternoon break. Having just run the youngest girl to & from music lessons.

Paint spattered jeans…. neck sore from the odd position required to paint baseboards & trim.

Hot black coffee sitting in front of me. (courtesy of the big girl, who knows her mama oh so well)

We made an appointment with the realtor for Friday.

This Friday.

I don't know if I'll sleep between now and then.

Work to do and anxious self both. Goodness.

But there is this……


reading....... knitting......


reading....... knitting......


reading....... knitting......


reading....... knitting......


Somehow there are still in-between moments. Waiting for paint to dry. Oatmeal to cook. Pasta water to simmer. Where I can steal a few rows of knitting and read a wee speck of this. It's beautiful, truly. Amanda is genius.

Oh knitting. I have missed you. Purl, slip, purl, slip. I think of this cowl warming my neck this fall. Almost the color of fallen leaves. I think the color may have been underbrush, in fact. Purl, slip, purl, slip. I dream of chickens. A greenhouse to grow kale and lettuce through the winter. Farmer's markets. The children of friends I haven't seen in years. Purl, slip, purl, slip. I think of cousins. Playing. Lots of them.

Oh, what fun this new chapter will be…..


26 thoughts on “reading……. knitting……

  1. So many wonderful and exciting things in store for you.
    And your honey cowl looks gorgeous, love the colour. I just finished mine yesterday, love it!


  2. Is this the honey cowl?? Haven’t tried that one yet. Maybe it will be next on my list. I’m starting a One Skein, One Night one that is seed stitch. I had fun with the Gaptastic and my college girl made one too over Christmas break and actually wore it!!
    Good luck on the house stuff. I’m waiting now and ready to get the knitting out…
    Have a good week!


  3. Kindred is great, isn’t it?! I found it through our school when they shared it with me for ideason the photos they wanted me to take.
    I can’t wait to see that cowl on you. It’s going to look so good!
    You are inspiring me so much with your house preps. I plan on starting in the next couple of weeks with mine. We must talk tiles!
    Andis that your kitchen table I see in the corner of the 2nd picture? I want to see more of it!
    p.s. thanks for joining Keep Calm Craft On {crafting on} again!


  4. It is the honey cowl! It's being seen all over blog land. The first one I saw was Heather's (beauty that moves) and I think I've seen a half dozen since! It's such an easy and beautiful knit. I see a lot of beautiful cowls in my future…… to keep cozy warm next winter 🙂 


  5. I think 9 or so….. my younger girl just figured out the whole electric tea kettle, coffee ratio, french press thing. My older girl is the one who does it though. She's so sweet, for sure 🙂


  6. Love Keep Calm Craft On. It's so perfectly named for the type of creating I've been doing these last few days. I have to reseal the butcher block island in the kitchen & sand & stain one window sill and then you'll see the whole kitchen! Table included 🙂 Best of luck with your house preps…… just take it one doable project at a time…..


  7. I love this pattern! I made one fore myself as a birthday present two falls ago with yarn that I was treated to by my hubby. Still me favorite thing that I have made for myself. I steal that time for a few rows here and there too… creates such balance! Best of luck with the excitement and preparation!


  8. I love your thoughts on knitting. Makes me want to be more mindful when I knit. Maybe I’ll have to turn off Gilmore Girls the next time I knit. Sending positive energy your way for your “realting.”


  9. The Net Loft in Cordova Alaska….. it's a custom dye by Three Irish Girls….. I'll look it up when I share the honey cowl and link to the base…. their yarn is always beautiful!


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